3 selfies equivalent to 1 Uber lite app clone

Uber lite app clone is a small sized application. It takes very less time to download this application. It is less than 5MB if we juxtapose it with the normal Uber clone app which is approx. 181.4 MB in size. The map of the regular Uber clone app is removed and replaced with a stripped down design. The option for the map is not necessary to go within Uber lite app clone as it helps to keep the app smooth and fast running. There are features like sharing trips and in-app support remains the same.

The GPS option is used by the Uber lite clone to spot the rider so less time is needed for the same. This faultless app catches the top places in the city to make it convenient for the users if they are offline. They will not have to face any kind problem to surface the app.

uber lite app clone

With the re-modified feature, Uber app clone launched its new app that is Uber lite clone which is purposely designed to access the rides quickly and easily.

There are some features of Uber lite app clone, let’s take a look

Assisted pickups

Uber lite clone allows the users to book their rides without providing their every small detail, instead, the taxi app detects the location of the spots nearby the user.

Tap v/s Type

With the launch of the Uber lite clone, customers feel more-happy about just tapping on their phone instead of typing the whole address of their pickup point and getting a taxi for them.

Maps depending on customer’s needs

To keep the Uber lite more fast and smooth, the map option that is provided in the map is optional. If the user wants it, he/she can easily get it with one single tap.

Customer care support

In case of any problem regarding the service, one can easily get in touch with the customer care executive. The customer care helpline number is toll-free. One can easily get help from customer care without facing any problem.

Real-time tracking

Users can easily track that where their cab has actually reached and what time will it take to pick them. They can also share their trip location with their family members, friends, etc.

Reviews/feedback option

Riders can give their reviews/feedback on the website of the taxi company depending on their past experiences of the ride.

SOS option

There is a special feature integrated into the app which the riders can use during the time of an emergency. SOS button helps the passenger to share their location with the nearest police station and with the emergency contacts saved in the phone. 

If you are willing to start a venture and want to invest your money, then you can start with Uber lite app clone which is a smooth running application and it has a good impact in the industry.

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