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We often see urban mobility as solely related to the environment and to the well-being of people. In recent years, however, there has been a raft of discussions about how it influences the economy and the future of the business. Have you ever thought that good urban mobility management can redefine the execution of your company’s projects? Keep reading to understand how you can leverage your corporate projects by incorporating urban mobility into strategy!

The relationship between mobility and corporate results

Transportation plays an essential role in the sustained economic prosperity of a company. And this is closely linked with urban mobility since having the best cars or the best transport services is not enough if there are long traffic jams in the big centres. To get an idea, according to a Quanta Consulting study, all the years Brazil loses more than 265 billion raise in congestion. Literally, money is stuck in traffic that makes travelling for professionals and goods slower and therefore more expensive. Problems of urban mobility coupled with high fuel prices and high vehicle maintenance costs need to be overcome. Yes, public power has its share of the blame, but given its limited capacity to offer solutions, it is also up to a private initiative to find ways to deal with this reality. Otherwise, entrepreneurs and liberal professionals will continue to lose money.

Upgraded way to hire a taxi- Va de taxi clone app

The time when the only way to call a taxi was by raising a finger on the street is over. Taxi drivers have already adapted to digital transformation and are sticking to taxi application. And this brings a lot of benefits to users and businesses alike. In other words, it is the union of the effort of corporate mobility with technology. Let’s say you are preparing an event that will bring together employees, customers and suppliers. And they want to offer transportation to them, or to part of them. Instead of hiring random cabs, you can make contact with the Taxi Cab to close a transport package. The Taxi Voucher project area can design a smart taxi use plan tailored to your needs. However specific it may be. With this you can:

  • determine the value and date of races – if the value is higher than you have pre-defined, the passenger pays the difference in the way he prefers; if it is smaller, you do not pay the whole amount;
  • have the races billed to your company;
  • track everything through reports within the platform;
  • receive support from one of our relationship executives;
  • ensure comfort and safety for its passengers, as all our races have insurance. And much more!

Va de taxi clone app fulfils all the special qualities of a perfect taxi which are mentioned above. It is easy to book a taxi with this app and reach our destination safely and in quick time.

If you want to beat the competitive market with your own taxi business then try going with Va de taxi app clone which is a perfect taxi app and really understands the true value of the customers.

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