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Urban mobility is frequently viewed primarily in terms of its environmental impact and effects on people’s well-being. Nevertheless, in recent years, there has been a surge in conversations about its influence on the economy and the trajectory of businesses. Have you ever considered that effective urban mobility management can reshape the implementation of your company’s projects? Read on to discover how integrating urban mobility into your strategy can enhance the execution of your corporate initiatives!

The relationship between mobility and corporate results

Efficient transportation plays a vital role in ensuring a company’s sustained economic prosperity. Urban mobility is intricately tied to this, as having top-notch vehicles or transportation services alone doesn’t suffice when confronted with extensive traffic congestion in major urban centers. To put it in perspective, a study by Quanta Consulting reveals that Brazil loses more than 265 billion in economic growth annually due to congestion. Essentially, money gets trapped in traffic, resulting in slower and more expensive professional and goods transportation. The challenges of urban mobility, coupled with soaring fuel prices and the high cost of vehicle maintenance, must be addressed. While public authorities shoulder some of the responsibility, private initiatives also play a crucial role in finding solutions due to their limited capacity. Without proactive measures, business owners and self-employed professionals will continue to incur financial losses.

Upgraded way to hire a taxi- Va de taxi clone app

The time when the only way to call a taxi was by raising a finger on the street is over. Taxi drivers have already adapted to digital transformation and are sticking to taxi application. And this brings a lot of benefits to users and businesses alike. In other words, it is the union of the effort of corporate mobility with technology. Let’s say you are preparing an event that will bring together employees, customers and suppliers. And they want to offer transportation to them, or to part of them. Instead of hiring random cabs, you can make contact with the Taxi Cab to close a transport package. The Taxi Voucher project area can design a smart taxi use plan tailored to your needs. However specific it may be. With this you can:

  • determine the value and date of races – if the value is higher than you have pre-defined, the passenger pays the difference in the way he prefers; if it is smaller, you do not pay the whole amount;
  • have the races billed to your company;
  • track everything through reports within the platform;
  • receive support from one of our relationship executives;
  • ensure comfort and safety for its passengers, as all our races have insurance. And much more!

Va de taxi clone app fulfils all the special qualities of a perfect taxi which are mentioned above. It is easy to book a taxi with this app and reach our destination safely and in quick time.

If you want to beat the competitive market with your own taxi business then try going with Va de taxi app clone which is a perfect taxi app and really understands the true value of the customers.