How to Create Ola Clone for your app based taxi Business?

ola clone script

The Ola App sure took the wind out of the regular taxi business in India, but along with it, it also brought a promise of elevating the business in general for many companies around the world. If you too have been dreaming of starting your own on demand taxi booking business based on a mobile app, then the Ola Clone script is the right choice for you.

What makes the Ola App so special?

While Uber was one of the first on demand taxi booking apps to have entered the market, there were a few unique features that Ola brought to the table which made it instantly popular amongst the people. Let us take a look at these features and understand how they can help in escalating your own business to newer heights.

Offering Local Vehicle options

Not every country in the world has similar vehicles that are available for taxiing. This is something that Ola understood and started including local business players within the app. For example, the auto rickshaw is a very popular South East Asian vehicle that most people use as taxis. They are a cheaper option and can tread through roads that cars can’t go into.

With the Ola app, one now had the option of hiring an auto rickshaw along with cars if they felt the need to. Therefore, if you use the Ola clone script for your business, you can include vehicles such as bikes, Tuk Tuks and more into the foray of your application and grow the spectrum of services that users can access using your mobile application.

Local Language inclusion

Every country speaks a different language. In some countries, more than a single language is spoken. In order to make sure that maximum number of people can use your app without having to learn English, the Ola app clone becomes the perfect solution.

Your users can select the language of their choice and continue to operate the app in it. IF your users want they can switch between languages. This language option works for the drivers as well, so they can utilize and access the app in the language that they are comfortable in, notwithstanding the choice of language that the user has picked.

Local Currency

A business like the on demand taxi booking solution is sure to be successful. It is possible that in future you may want to expand your services to more than one country. In saying that, it is also possible that you want to go all out with your business and want to launch it simultaneously in multiple regions.

Whatever be the case, you will need the option of having multiple currencies or the inclusion of local currencies in the app. You don’t want your drivers and customers to have to continuously calculate the fares in dollars and then convert them to their currency. With the help of the Ola clone app, if your get your development team to include the currencies that you want within your app, your users and drivers can enjoy a seamless experience.

What is the significance of online payment in the app?

One of the biggest advantages that online booking gives its users is the freedom of a cashless transaction. The users and the drivers don’t have to bicker about loose change and can carry on their ride without wasting another second on pulling out their purses and haggling over change.

However, since the world hasn’t become entirely cashless, it is also important to make sure that the cash option is available. This power to choose whether they want to pay using cash, or if they would like to enjoy a cashless ride should completely depend on the user. With the help of the Ola Clone Script you can integrate a payment gateway of your choice in the app to make this possible.

How to get your own Ola Clone App?

There are many app development companies around the world that build their own versions of the Ola Clone script for entrepreneurs. However, when choosing your own application, here are a few things that you must take care of:

The company should be offering white label services

White labeling is an important aspect because it will ensure that you don’t end up with an app that does not have your logo but that of your development company’s instead. Using the process of white labeling app development companies remove their logos from the app and add your logo and brand name to it. Apart from this they also re skin the app to your brand and company colors in addition to launching the app under your server credentials and app store IDs on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store.


The company hat you purchase your Ola clone script from should have at least 6 to 8 years of experience n building on demand app so that you can get a seamless and robust app that is practical and useful in the market.