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Towing a car with few taps on the smartphone! Yes,  it is very much possible but if you have thought about this idea 10 years back, maybe nobody would have believed it then. However, The On-Demand Apps are today’s modern world “Genie”, fulfilling our every wish with few taps. Thus, Honk Clone App is a great help to those who are stuck or stranded on the road needing quick towing services.

So, here is an opportunity for the entrepreneurs pondering an idea to launch their Tow & Roadside On-Demand App like Honk. 

How Tow & Roadside On Demand App Works?

  • Users require downloading and registering with the app via social login, email id, or phone number
  • The user gets to choose an option according to what type of towing or roadside assistance he/she needs. E.g. flat tire, dead battery, towing, mechanism repairing, and so on. 
  • Users get the list of towing services providers of the nearby locations along with their profiles, years of experience, specialties, charges, and ratings.
  • Once the user confirms the appointment, the towing and roadside assistance from the nearby location sends confirmation.
  • The tow truck arrives as per schedule and services demanded 
  • Thus the user gets to make the payment once the task is accomplished or this can be pre-booked
  • The app asks for feedback and rating
Roadside Assistance app

Honk Clone Tow & Roadside On Demand App – Features 

Hence, the app is specifically built for deserted drivers, offering an intuitive user-friendly interface hence quickly connects with the nearest tow trucking and road assistance services.

Comes equipped with stellar features, the Honk Clone App dedicated performs the roadside assistance duty:

User Panel

  • Sign up – social media login
  • Search and filter
  • Book now / Schedule later
  • Cancellation
  • Estimated cost 
  • Get confirmation
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • In-app payment
  • In-app chat  

Tow & Roadside Assistance Driver App

  • Registration sign in
  • Availability toggle
  • Accept/ reject the service request
  • Earning management 
  • In-app chat
  • In-app navigation
  • Help/ support
  • Work history

Admin Panel

  • Secured login
  • User and service provider profile management
  • Notifications
  • Towing and road assistance fleet management
  • Payment management
  • Real-time tracking
  • Analytics and reporting
  • In-app promotional management
  • Price management

Advance Features That Put You Ahead In The Competiton Of Your Tow Truck Business

  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple currencies 
  • Third-party integration
  • Geo-analytics
  • Save payment – card details

Concluding Thoughts

We are living in the digital era, where the majority of the services are available On Demand and Towing & Roadside On-Demand Apps is one of them. Therefore, getting help in few taps from your smartphone is easier and quick now. Hence, Travelers are enjoying the convenience and comfort using Honk Clone App brings. 

Develop honk Clone App that has domain expertise in creating on-demand apps for the Towing industry can hugely benefit you. Hiring them as your technology partner to create a customized Honk Clone Towing & Roadside assistance app can take the scale up your business to the next level. Furthermore, you can expand your business by developing Uber Clone App, or Taxi and Delivery Combined app solution to have better exposure and expand your business where the sky is the only limit.