Online Salon Booking App Keeps Your Salon Open 24/7 WithPowerful Customizable Salon Bookings

online salon booking app

The salon and spa industry is driven by repeat business. Haircuts, manicure-pedicure, facials, etc are the most sought after beauty treatments. To make your salon business efficient, organized, and streamlined build an Online Salon Booking app.

Why Developing An Online Salon Booking App Is Important?

The answer is – its time to make your business innovative

Offering your clients ease of booking their beauty regime shows that you are serious about getting your salon business to the top. It shows how much you care about your customers getting regular beauty treatments in a hassle-free manner.

By building Zoylee Clone App, your salon business will not only enjoys brand visibility but repeat business. What’s more, you need not spend extra on marketing campaigns as the app allows you to send notifications, and run banner ads to notify your customers about new beauty services.

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Revenue Models For Your Zoylee Clone App

An average salon can book 65% of the appointments during their operating hours. The Online Salon Booking App does more than that. The app maximizes the appointments even outside working hours. Thus helping your customers to book at their convenient date and time. What’s more the app sends regular notifications about their bookings, allows you to market your beauty treatments through push-notifications.

As for how your app can help increase profits, the following are the sure-shot ways to grow your income:

  • Charging a small fee as a subscription/membership fee from the customers
  • Charging a percentage on every salon appointment booked through the app (marketplace app model)
  • Banner ads on the app promotion
  • Promoting featured beauticians/salon service providers

Features To Include In Your Online Salon Booking App

Manage your salon appointments by shifting your salon business online. Develop Zoylee Clone App that comes equipped with exceptional features to enhance your salon visibility.

  • The features must be easy to use thus making it easy for your customers to quickly book.
  • Customers can book their appointments and avoid the wait time at your salon. They can see the slot timings and book the treatment suiting their convenient time.
  • You can ask for a basic fee from the customers as a confirmation
  • Sync your salon app appointment calendar with the push-notifications thus it sends
  • Integrate your salon app with an appointment app solution so that your customers can receive notifications via emails about their booked appointments, the launch of new beauty services, happy hours, promo deals and discounts, and so on.

Developing an on-demand Salon booking app will not only streamlines your entire salon business but, reduces the operational cost by not hiring additional resources to mend the reception desk. Also, it reduces the errors of duplicating the bookings, cancellations, etc.

Final Comments

From the beginning, the launching of your Zoylee Clone App should focus on representing your salon business by seamlessly connecting the clients with the beauty service providers, beauticians, or salon to take up the beauty appointment.

Make sure that you act on the above-mentioned features are integrated while developing online salon booking app with your app development company. Take the live demo, check their client testimonials to know their expertise when it comes to on-demand salon development apps. Since, it is a tested, ready-made app solution, it allows the salon entrepreneurs to launch it within a week’s time. This white-label app solution is a scalable product, capable of handling any of your future enhancements.