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Taxi services like Uber came as a boon for those who wish to make their commuting easier. It is especially useful for city dwellers where driving could be a harrowing experience, thanks to traffic congestion. Many entrepreneurs follow this revolution & coming forward with their own innovative ideas of making commuting convenient. If you, too, wish to join this tribe of app-based transportation services, then look no further. Many developers are into the business of designing the perfect state of the art Uber clone app. Get a live Uber Clone demo today and experience this app for yourself.

uber clone demo

The Uber clone demo will give you an actual insight into the world of on-demand taxis. Know how the rider and the passenger app work in complete synchronization.

What Makes Uber Clone Demo App the Best Option for Your Business

An Uber Clone App is aesthetically and technologically top notch. It is designed using the best available technology. It incorporates all the features that applications like Uber have and much more like:

  • An e-wallet– An e-wallet allows users to make cashless payments for their rides by either installing an inbuilt account or by linking the app to second party accounts.
  • Ready Reports– The prerequisite of a successful business is to have all the details regarding what’s going on in the business ready in front of you. Reports regarding daily earning, kilometers driven, a number of rides taken etc. are reflected through the app which makes it extremely easy for the Drivers as well as the app owners to gauge how well the business is doing and what more can they do to make it better.
  • Customer location service– This service allows the drivers to know the exact location of the customer.
  • Ride now or later – It allows the customer to book a ride if they want to drive immediately or later.
  • Surge price information feature– Cab services tend to hike their prices during rush hours. Surge price information feature will inform customers about the new price point.
  • Multiple language features– Multiple language features will widen the reach of your business to incorporate non-English speaking customers as well.
  • Taxi location feature– This feature works well for the owner or for the operational end whereby each and every taxi can be located so that the allocation of rides can be made accordingly.
  • Assessing the demand feature and much more– This feature assesses the trend of demand, like areas where the demand of cab is higher or the hours during cab service, is availed more.

Apart from these regular features, an Uber Clone app also provides advanced features like

  • An online or offline feature for drivers– This feature gives leverage to customers where they can mark their availability.
  • An option to accept or reject ride– At times, a situation arises where a driver cannot take a certain ride. This feature will allow drivers to intimate their ability to take a ride.
  • Fare estimate calculation feature– This feature informs the customer about the fare that they will pay at the end of the ride before they book a cab.
  • Rides History– This feature allows customer and service provider to access their recent rides.
  • Constant live GPS tracking– This feature allows live tracking of the cab during a ride and otherwise.

The features mentioned above are convincing enough to show how an Uber Clone App is the best way to launch your business into the market. It will prove to be an ideal choice for all those who wish to benefit the popularity that app-based taxi services are enjoying at the moment.

Making your way

Having said that, it is also important to realize and understand that just by buying an app, you will not be able to become successful overnight. There is a lot of effort that you will have to put on the marketing front.

Essentially, you have to make sure that people know about your business. Say, for example, you start off with a taxi business. However, the people in your city don’t even know about it. How do you tell the people that you are there in the market and are willing to offer your services to the people?

There are 2 basic ways in which you can do this:

Local marketing

  • Local marketing involves using the popular mediums of branding in your local cities. For example, using hoarding, print media and leaflets with your advertisement will make a high impact and reach out to maximum local members who might need your service.


  • Search Engine Optimization is another such feature that can breathe in new life to your business. It will not only make you more searchable over the internet, but it will also give you a web presence and web identity. People almost invariably conduct online searches for any service that they require. So, if you want to establish a strong online presence the hiring a good team of SEO experts will do you a lot of good. You can optimize in the local market first and then move on to a global.

Uber Clone Demo allows you to experience the aforementioned features of the app and see how it works for your business. It will also help you to make a decision regarding any additional elements that you might want in your app in order to make your app more responsive and user-friendly.

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