Cab Booking App – Have Great Earning Experience

Want to reach a destination on time just by one click? Want to reach your destination even without driving? What if you are getting late for an interview and it’s raining outside? Want to go at the same pace of developing technology? Want to enjoy a hassle-free ride?  Well is there really anything like it or just a dream? Not anymore. You can get to your destination without driving, without hassles, without getting late with just one click. Thanks to app-based taxi services like Uber, they came up with an amazing idea that people could ride in a car without owning or even driving one.  Just by tapping on your Smartphone, you will now be able to book a car using the cab booking app.

Let’s understand the technology behind it before getting into the nitty-gritty of the app workings.

Cab Booking App Features galore

Start-ups are coming with the same concept of providing cabs, like Ola, Gett, and Cube Taxi, but with innovative facilities. In the era of apps, it is now easier to get things in just one click. There is a long list of app making companies in the market which help you to connect with your target audience. This cab service app not only incorporates all the features like Uber but also have a few special features that other competitors do not provide.

The basic features that possess are:

  • an e-wallet
  • customer location service
  • ride now and ride later features
  • surge price information feature
  • multiple language features
  • taxi location feature
  • Assessing the demand feature.

Who will design my app?

As soon as you provide the basic information about your venture, your app will be customized according to your requirements. The technical experts design the app using the best available technology and will take the responsibility of customizing the app as per your demand and installing it. They will also undermine your work by getting approval on major application platforms like Apple Store or Google Play Store. This is what every competitor provides. But there are many more services which won’t let you go for any other app making company.

Why should you opt for any particular developer?

Check out the features that you developer will provide you before signing the deal. Some of the features that they would give you include:

  • An online or offline feature for drivers: This means that the driver can mention their availability on the app to online when they want to receive ride requests and offline when they don’t.
  • An option to accept or reject a ride: This allows the driver to accept the rides that he or she is comfortable in taking and reject the ones that they aren’t comfortable doing.
  • Fare estimate calculation feature: this feature will inform the rider of an estimated value of the fare even before they Book the ride.
  • Ride history: the Rider, as well as the Driver, can both check the history of the rides that they have undertaken. They can get a clear outline of any number of rides that they have offered or taken through the app
  • Constant live GPS tracking: Their routes are monitored using GPS. This also means that the Rider can at all times view exactly where the driver is. There is no suspense with respect to the location of the Driver.

Cab booking app prepares the interface in a user-friendly manner to cover users of all ages. Apart from professionalism, some developers maintain healthy relationships and provide free of cost services like support service for 3 months, obtain the license on app stores on iOS and Android etc while others may charge handsome amounts of money.

Language and Currency

Cab booking app which can be bought by anyone for a business enterprise has to be of global appeal. This means that when an individual in France wants to buy the app, he should be able to use it there. So, the app should work in French language and the currency should be Francs. Likewise, if someone sitting in Brazil wants to use the app their app should work in Portuguese or Spanish and use the currency Brazilian real.

For this, the app itself should be dynamic enough to be able to be able to have these pre-integrated in the app. So, when you buy the app, you can get it white labeled to your choice of language and your choice of currency. When you get your ready application, you can launch your business in your country instantly and start earning money.

The app possesses a special feature such that it can be converted into any language, like Spanish, French, Arabic, Persian etc, and allows the app owner to install an additional acceptable currency of the country they want to launch it in.  This will help to expand the business in different parts of the world.

To help you to get recognition, your name and logo will also be provided in the app. Also, the technical team will take all responsibility from scratch till the time it is launched and earning for you.

There are many service-providers that provide a free demo. In this highly competitive world of app developers, it is definitely a very wise decision to check out a few developers and see what services they provide for your cab booking app before settling on the one that will design your app.

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