cab booking application

Are you eager to reach your destination with a simple click? Dream of travelling without the need to drive? Picture this: you have an interview, and it’s pouring rain outside, and you’re running late. Do you want to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of technology and enjoy a stress-free ride? Is it even possible, or just wishful thinking? Well, the dream is now a reality. You can effortlessly reach your destination without driving, without delays—all with just one click. Thanks to app-based taxi services like Uber, they’ve introduced a groundbreaking concept: the ability to ride in a car without owning or operating one. By tapping your smartphone, you can now book a car using a cab booking app.

Let’s understand the technology behind it before getting into the nitty-gritty of the app workings.

Cab Booking App Features galore

Start-ups are coming with the same concept of providing cabs, like Ola, Gett, and Cube Taxi, but with innovative facilities. In the era of apps, it is now easier to get things in just one click. There is a long list of app making companies in the market which help you to connect with your target audience. This cab service app not only incorporates all the features of Uber but also has a few unique features that other competitors do not provide.

The basic features that possess are:

  • an e-wallet
  • customer location service
  • ride now and ride later features
  • surge price information feature
  • multiple language features
  • taxi location feature
  • Assessing the demand feature.

Who will design my app?

Once you furnish the fundamental details about your business venture, your app will be tailored to your specific needs. Skilled technical experts will craft the app using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring it aligns precisely with your requirements. They’ll also handle the crucial task of securing approvals on major application platforms like Apple Store or Google Play Store. While most competitors offer these services, we go the extra mile to provide a range of additional services that set us apart from other app development companies.

Why should you opt for any particular developer?

Check out the features that you developer will provide you before signing the deal. Some of the features that they would give you include:

  • An online or offline feature for drivers:This implies that drivers can use the app to indicate their availability, going online when they wish to receive ride requests and offline when they do not.
  • An option to accept or reject a ride:This enables the driver to accept rides that they are comfortable with and decline those they are not comfortable taking.
  • Fare estimate calculation feature:This feature will provide the rider with an estimated fare value even before they confirm the ride booking.
  • Ride history:Both the rider and the driver can review the history of their past rides using the app. They can access a comprehensive record of all the rides they have either provided or taken.
  • Constant live GPS tracking:Their routes are tracked using GPS, allowing the rider to constantly monitor the precise location of the driver. There’s no uncertainty about the driver’s whereabouts.

Cab booking apps are designed with a user-friendly interface to accommodate users of all age groups. In addition to their expertise, some developers foster strong relationships with clients and offer complimentary services such as three months of customer support and assistance with obtaining licenses on iOS and Android app stores. Conversely, other developers may charge substantial fees for similar services.

Language and Currency

A cab booking app, purchasable by any business enterprise, must have a global appeal. This entails that when an individual in France acquires the app, they should be able to use it seamlessly in their country. This includes the app functioning in the French language with the currency set to Francs. Similarly, suppose someone in Brazil wishes to utilize the app. In that case, it should be operational in Portuguese or Spanish, and the currency should be Brazilian natural, ensuring a localized experience for users around the world.

To achieve this, the app must possess the flexibility to incorporate these features seamlessly. When you purchase the app, it should be easily customizable to your preferred language and currency. With your tailored application in hand, you can swiftly launch your business in your country, kickstarting your revenue generation right away.

The app boasts a unique capability that enables it to be translated into various languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Persian, and more. Furthermore, it empowers the app owner to incorporate an additional locally accepted currency for the specific country in which they intend to launch it. This versatility facilitates business expansion into different regions across the globe.

To ensure your brand gains recognition, your name and logo will be seamlessly integrated into the app. Additionally, our technical team will shoulder all responsibilities, guiding the process from inception to launch, ultimately contributing to your revenue generation.

Many service providers provide a free demo. In this highly competitive world of app developers, it is definitely a sage decision to check out a few developers and see what services they provide for your cab booking app before settling on the one that will design your app.