Corona Virus Alert: Safety Features for Breakfast Delivery Apps

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If there is anything that the corona virus pandemic has taught us, it is that we can never be too careful. Safety and security is of the utmost concern for everyone these days. We have, as a people, made tremendous advancements in terms of medical science. However, we have as yet been unsuccessful in finding a cure or a vaccine for the Covid-19. This leaves everyone with only one choice: Stay Clean, Stay Indoors, and Stay Safe. 

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While people can try to shut themselves indoors for the most part, it is practically impossible for people to stay without food. Lives have become overly hectic with the whole work from home routine. It is easy to believe that working from home is very convenient but things couldn’t be quite the opposite. People are forced to do their home chores along with their office work. Especially in the wee hours of morning, where the situation in homes is absolutely chaotic. The need for on demand breakfast delivery is absolutely paramount. But, considering the virus at large, people are scared to buy food from restaurants or get them delivered by delivery personnel without knowing the exact state of their hygiene. 

This is why; we are here to discuss the 2 most important safety features that every Breakfast Delivery App should consider to ensure the popularity of their brand and business while delivering safe and secure food to their customers. 

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Understanding the Disease

The first thing that you must do, before understanding the features, is to understand the contagion itself. Covid-19 is basically a virus that is highly contagious and spreads rapidly. There are two basic ways in which this can be prevented:

  1. Observing Utmost Standards of Hygiene 
  2. Limiting Contact with Other People

Let’s look at each point carefully:

  1. Observing Utmost Standards of Hygiene

The first and foremost way to ensure that this virus dies is to maintain cleanliness. Washing items with soap regularly, cleaning vegetables and other cooking materials and regularly sanitizing your hands are the three chief ways in which the virus can be killed. 

  1. Limiting Contact with Other People

This is a contagion that spreads very fast. One carrier can be responsible for spreading it far and wide to anyone that he or she comes in contact with. This is why the lockdown is in effect and people have been asked to maintain social distancing.

Addressing these issues

To ensure that your customers are always safe, you have to make sure that you address these two primary issues and include features in your food delivery app that help in making your customers feel safe. Now that we know the 2 primary concerns. Let us now navigate through the two most important safety features that are a must for your on demand breakfast delivery app.

  1. Safety Badge for Restaurants

As an app owner, you have to ensure that the restaurants offering food using your app are properly maintaining the required hygiene as per the government norms to prevent the pandemic from spreading. The suspense, of whether the restaurant is actually reliable or not, may dissuade the users from ordering breakfast using your on demand breakfast delivery app. This is where the safety badge feature works. The badge on the restaurant allows the users to know for a fact that a particular restaurant is safe and the other is probably not. Having this feature will enhance the experience of the users towards your app. More and more users will opt to choose your app rather than your competitors. 

  1. Contactless Delivery

Coming to the second issue, that is limiting contact with others. The contactless delivery feature can go a long way in ensuring safe and secure deliveries. Instead of the delivery driver handing breakfast to the customer. The delivery driver places the food on the doorstep of the customer. Clicks a picture of the food and then uses the app to send a picture of the same to the customer. They can then pick up the breakfast at their convenience. 


The last word on the topic is just that the fate of the success of your app lies entirely on the quality of your app. To make sure that your customers continue to have faith in you and rely on your app as the sole source of clean and hygienic breakfast. Ensure to include these 2 features in your On Demand Breakfast Delivery App.