A Complete Guide to Developing an App like Zomato for Restaurant Business

app like zomato

Food delivery apps have gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. As more and more people start depending on online mediums to fulfill their food requirements. Smart entrepreneurs have come to realize the potential of food delivery app like zomato.

In this blog today, we will try to explore the nature of the food delivery business using 4 primary parameters:

  1. The various business models
  2. Costs involved in building an app like this
  3. Establishing the brand and promoting the business
  4. Developing a Food Delivery App like Zomato

Without any further ado, let us get into the depths of each of these parameters to understand how you too can set up and grow your own on demand food delivery business with the help of an app like Zomato. 

The various restaurant business models

The first thing that we should understand before we get into the development process of the app is to understand what the restaurant business model is with which apps like Zomato operate. The business model used by Zomato is known as the ‘aggregator model’. The aggregator model is essentially one in which the app itself acts as a platform where multiple service providers and restaurants can register. These various restaurants will be able to offer their food to customers using the app. A user can look the app to find any and all registered restaurants within their area. 

This is one of the most profitable business models because it means that the app owner doesn’t have to bother with cooking and selling food. They simply become a liaison between the customer and the restaurant. The beauty of this model is that regardless of which restaurant the customer orders the food from, the app owner will always make a commission. 

Costs involved in building an app like this

Building an app can be a very expensive affair. Especially when it comes to building an on demand food delivery app like Zomato, there are so many elements included in the app and so many features that it must have for smooth operations, that by the time the app is ready to launch, it becomes extremely expensive. 

It is not just the technology that you have to pay for. You will have to hire the following resources as well:

  1. Android app developer
  2. iOS app developer
  3. Content Writer
  4. Project Manager
  5. Quality Analysis team
  6. Systems management team
  7. Data base analysis team
  8. App designer
  9. PHP developer
  10. Website Designer

Therefore, you end up paying a big fee towards building this app. What’s more, you will also have to spend some money in building a development center and equipping it with the latest and state of the art infrastructure to make sure that an advanced app can be built. 

The best alternative in this situation is almost always to go for a ready made on demand mobile app like Zomato, which is popularly known as the Zomato Clone app. The app should, however, be built only by a white label on demand mobile app development company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in building such apps and launching them in the market. This will most certainly be a much more cost effective option for business owners. 

Establishing the Brand and Promoting it

Building the app itself (or even just buying the readymade app) is only half the battle won. The biggest part is to set up and establish your business by ensuring that you have created enough popularity of the business amongst your target audience. 

Ideally, you should chalk out a proper marketing strategy of the same with professionals so that you don’t only launch the app with a lot of pomp, but also ensure that you can continue to drive up your sales. 

Using the prowess of social media is a very important thing. This will well and truly help you reach out to a maximum number of people in the shortest time span. Make sure that you create a decisive brand language and brand story. 

The whole marketing ideology should then be based on this particular brand language to increase reliability, brand recognition and brand awareness. There are many ways in which various social media posts and designs can be use to this effect. A little research can also go a long way in helping you with this.

Developing A Food Delivery App like Zomato for Restaurant Business

As we’ve discussed earlier that building an app from scratch is a very expensive and time consuming affair, so unless there are some very peculiar changes that you would like to make in the app, it would not be too wise to build and entire app from ground zero. 

There are many Zomato clones or on demand food delivery mobile apps available in the market that you can purchase to build your own on demand business from. The only thing that you should be careful of when you do this is to make sure that you check the app before you buy it. 

Just like you would check any product when you purchase it, since the app is already in a pre build ready condition, you should be able to test it thoroughly before you spend even a single buck on it. Speak to your white label ob demand mobile app development company and request them to set you up with a demo account so that you can test it on your android as well as iOS apps before you actually take the dive. 


Setting up any kind of business has got to be tough. After all, it is the realization of a dream. If you can bear in mind these 4 parameters, you will be in a much better position to take informed decisions about your business. We sincerely hope that you can put all this information to good use in developing food delivery app like Zomato for restaurant business. All the best!