A holistic On Demand Delivery App to Delivery Anything, Anytime and Anywhere

delivery everything app

Getting an app for your business is no longer a luxury. Today, people need a digital platform for anything that they want to offer to their customers to make sure that their services can be accessed quickly and easily with the help of their smart phones. The on demand delivery business is one of the most popular businesses today and therefore. The on demand delivery apps have taken the center stage in the entrepreneurial world.  In this blog post, we will examine the reason for such high demand for these apps. The process of building such apps from scratch and the easiest way to procure them without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it.

What makes on demand delivery apps so popular?

On demand delivery is the need of the hour. As more and more people have started leading busy lives, it has become evident that people need someone to assist them to get things sent and delivered wherever needed. The CoVid 19 Corona virus lockdown gave more wings to this business because it made it easier for the people to get their essentials delivered to them when they needed it.

delivery everything app

There are other reasons for the popularity of this business. This app is not just useful for the users who get the things that they need, but also helps delivery drivers get employment. Anyone with a vehicle, any kind of vehicle and a driver’s license can start earning money by registering into the on demand mobile app.

Apart from this, this also became the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to start earning money without having to even get down to delivering items. This means that the app continues to get a commission each time someone uses the app. The app owner himself or herself doesn’t need to go around making deliveries but simply rely on other delivery drivers.

It is a total win win situation for everyone, whether they are users, delivery drivers, or even the app admin.

How to build your own delivery everything app from scratch?

Most people are unaware about the technical landscape that developers have to drudge through in order to make an app productive. It requires years of development and coding and the expertise of a team of at least 10 to 12 in order to create an app that works perfectly in the market.

Basically, to build an on demand app such as the On Demand Delivery App the following resources are needed:

  1. Android App Developer
  2. iOS App Developer
  3. App Designer
  4. Web Designer
  5. PHP Developer
  6. Content Writer
  7. Systems Analysis Team
  8. Business analysis Team
  9. Quality Analysis Team
  10. Project Manager

All these people together put together their brains in order to build that single flawless app that works as a system. These are the components that are built in order to perfect an on demand delivery system:

  1. iOS User App
  2. Android User App
  3. iOS Delivery Driver App
  4. Android Delivery Driver App
  5. iOS Store App
  6. Android Store App
  7. Admin Panel
  8. Website for information on the brand and for online booking option that does not require anyone to download the app

When all these things are put together, it is the only way to make sure that your app facilitates people in the most practical way.

Apart from this, it is important to remember that these apps or components can not be built only with resources. There are other important things involved which require a handsome amount of investment.  These things include:

  1. Human Resources for building the app
  2. Real Estate to set up a head quarter
  3. Real Estate to set up a Development Center
  4. Technology Stack to build the app

Each of these components takes investment and this further leads to an expense that you probably did not account for. What’s more, building an app of this size and scale is a time consuming affair. It would take anywhere between 16 to 18 months to build the right kind of app. This would delay your entry into the market and cause market fluctuations and consumer behaviors to change by the time you penetrate the market.

What is the best Alternative?

The best alternative to building your own on demand delivery app is to buy a readymade on demand delivery app. Ever since these apps became so popular, many developers and white label on demand mobile app development companies started building their own versions of an all inclusive delivery app that could not only facilitates parcel delivery but also online shopping and delivery of items. You could test out their ready apps and then select the one that suits your requirements in the best possible way.

Testing will ensure that you are completely aware of what your customers will experience with your app. Once you are satisfied with the app, you can then choose to speak to the development team of the application and they can white label the app with your logo and brand name to go ahead and launch it on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store under your server credentials.