on demand delivery app

Ever since humanity has been blessed with the power of technology, life has become easy for the people all over the world. However, getting into the Service provider business with the help of technology might not be as easy as being a user.

The industry of On Demand Services is thriving with leaps and bounds. With more and more people finding lesser and lesser time in their day to day lives, it has become imminent that people prefer to depend on their digital assistants to bring them the joy of shopping, cleaning cooking and just about anything else.

Introduce an app like On Demand Service Provider and the life of an average user becomes even better. An Uber for Workers is a genius concept. It basically puts all sorts of services in one single application so that every time someone needs something, they can directly reach out to hundreds of service providers right from a single app.

What does Uber for workers app clone feel like?

So, it might sound strange but mobile apps have a particular feel to themselves. They work/act in a particular way which makes them usable. So, for example, a user wants to hire a plumber to help with their kitchen fittings, will they go on the app and post the job or select the job from a pre mentioned broader list of categories?

This is what is referred to as the feel and flow of the application. The best flow of a worker on demand application is to allow the user to select from the pre-existing categories in the app. So, when you want to hire a plumber, you log into the app, then select the category of Plumber.

Then the Plumbing screen opens and gives you a drop down list of all the different types of services that a plumber can offer for example, “New Installations”, “Repair” etc. Once this category is selected, they can then move into that and select another category like, “Kitchen”, “Bath fittings” etc.

When you select your service, the app automatically lists out all the service providers in and around your area that offer such services along with their rates and the rating. You can take a look at their prices and then decide who you want to hire.

To select, you click on their picture and the app automatically sends out a request to the selected service provider. They accept the request and reach your place to do their job. Once they are done, the app sends you as well as the plumber an invoice of the job done.

This works pretty much in this way for every service. Having a one app solution makes it infinitely easier for the people to both find jobs as well as hire others. When a platform like this comes into the market it only provides profits for the owner of the platform.

If you too are aiming at starting off with such a business you might want to research some of the top companies that build Uber for workers type of applications.