Professional Maids share Their Secrets

While Mary Kondo has stirred up the whole world with her KonMari method of tidying up, we have curated a list of some of the best tips from professionals maids from all over the world. Home cleaning can be a joy for a few people and it can also be something very annoying for others. If you like getting everything nice and clean, then perhaps, you too should take up professional housekeeping as a business.

Don’t get overwhelmed and worried about it. We’ll help you with the top tips from around the world and also get your business a new definition!

Here are some of the best home cleaning hacks for you

Planning is the Key to Success

No matter what area, home or office you are planning to clean out, you can’t approach it randomly. There is an optimum way of doing things and you have to plan before hand to make sure that you don’t exploit your reserve in doing things the wrong way.

In order to know exactly what will be the most time and cost effective way to clean something, you have to first write down everything that needs to be cleaned. Not just the rooms, but be specific in terms of the items that need cleaning in a room wise fashion.

For example, make a list like this:


  1. Dresser drawer
  2. Mirror
  3. Bed linen
  4. Floor
  5. Walls


Do this for every room. Now, pick categories that you want to start with. So, for example, do the drawers in every room first. Then move on to the mirrors. Then get the laundry going while you finish scrubbing the floors and the walls. This will save you a whole lot of time and also make sure that you aren’t a tired mess by the end of it.

Get all your supplies in order

We like to substitute old rags for cleaning mops and so on and so forth. But please note if you are offering professional cleaning services, rags won’t cut it. Things that a microfiber can do, only a microfiber can do.

Don’t bring disrepute to your service or your business by not using the things meant to clean stuff. It is good to be thrifty and nifty, but there are other ways of doing that. When you are starting out, you are aiming at people to look at you as an extremely professional and respectable brand. Don’t do anything to give your customers an impression otherwise.

Get your own On Demand Maid Service App

Almost all decent and reputable businesses have a mobile application these days. You should get one too. Having an app makes it extremely simple for you to be available for your customers. You need to make sure that whenever your user needs you, you are there to at least address them.

With an on demand maid service app, the user can hire your expert services just with a tap of a button. You can mention your rates, all the services and your time of availability in the app and everything else gets taken care of automatically.

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