Cleaning Hacks for Uber for Home Cleaning

Cleaning is not an activity that a lot of people associate the feelings of joy and happiness with. However, it could be something that brings tremendous joy to you if it could become a business that brings you a whole lot of success.

Let us take a peek at some of the most interesting cleaning hacks that will really help you!


The kitchen is possibly the most difficult area to keep spotless. Especially an active kitchen where something or the other is continuously cooking, you will find a whole lot of grease that is so tough to clean. Now how do you get rid of all this grease from the tiles and the vessels?

Uber for Home cleaning

The simplest thing to do is use baking soda! Yup, pull up those sleeves and get your baking soda out from your cake cupboard and see how the magic unfolds right in front of your eyes. So, sprinkle that baking magic on it and pour some vinegar on it. Let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and then gently scrub it off easily.

Everything will slip right out of it and look beautifully sparkly again. No one can ever tell that your kitchen was ever so dirty! Make sure you save some of that baking soda. Otherwise, you’ll run out of it when it comes to baking your favorite cake!

Sharp Stuff

Don’t you hate it when you have gunk from your pesto stuck in your blender? How do you clean it without getting your manicured fingers split, cut and bleeding? There’s a really simple way to do it, but we insist on not doing it! Just use your dish soap and some warm water.

Pour in some warm water along with some dish soap and give that blender a lovely little spin. Once there is a lot of foam in the blender, discard that water and rinse it with clean water. The blender will have given up on all the residue and will be left sparkling!

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To keep your bathrooms smelling fresh and welcoming all the time, put together a solution of Vodka, Water, Lemon juice and mint leaves. Shake this solution and let it sit overnight. Now, you can spray this solution in your bathroom to ensure that it’s always smelling wonderful and fresh.


“I love a filthy toilet!” said NO ONE ever. This is why make some potty pods and keep them handy for use. To prepare potty pods, mix together some baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and dish soap. Put it together as though it were dough.

The texture should be sort of crumbly. Once you get that consistency, simply push this mixture into silicone ice cube trays. Leave this to dry completely for about 2 to 3 hours. Now, unmold these cubes and put them in a jar. These pods can be simply chucked into the toilet and flushed off to give you clean and sanitized potty premises!

On the whole of Uber for Home Cleaning

If you find that you like undertaking these nifty hacks, then you should make sure that you invest in an Uber for home cleaning kind of application. Once you do that you can start offering your services as the best rates to all the people who live in and around your area.

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