Are maid services apps just like Uber for Maids?

Everything today is available on demand. People have busy lives and they definitely don’t have the time or the energy to undertake all the cleaning and other chores in the house. Luckily, the age of digitization has made everything available online or through the medium of apps. Maid services app is something new that has hit the market. Now, since everything was available these days through the medium of apps, why would maid services stay behind? But how does this function?

Maid services app

Exactly how does the maid services app work?

The app is primarily like the Uber application itself. Except now you aren’t booking a taxi, but hiring a maid to help with the housework that you need to be done. So, for this, the first thing that you must do is to download the app.

The user and the service provider both download the app and then register and log in to it. The process of registration is quite simple. The user and the service provider both fill in their details in the app like their name, email ID, phone number etc. Alternatively, they can also choose to log in with their Facebook account.

Now once that is done, the user can open the app and select from the categories given, so as to what service they want to hire. So, for example, they select Home cleaning and select the subcategory of Bathroom cleaning or post-party cleaning from the option.

Here’s how

After this, they will be shown a list of different service providers in their area. Who offer these services along with their pricing for the requested service. The User can select the service provider based on their distance, rating or their pricing.

Once the User selects the Service provider, the app sends a request to the Service Provider. With the details of the job. These details include the requested task along with the details of the address or the location where the task is requested. If the Service provider doesn’t think he or she can fulfill the request, they can reject the task. The User will be notified of the same and they can then select another service provider for the same service.

In case the service provider accepts the request, he gets the Job. The User is notified that the Job has been accepted and then he can trace on the map how far the user is and the time estimate of when the service provider will reach them. So, that’s the scope of Uber for maids app.

How does it benefit all the parties involved?

The maid service app is an excellent option to help all parties involved, namely, the User, the Service Provider, and the Application owner.

The User is benefitted because now they can get any kind of home cleaning service done right through their fingertips using their smartphones. No effort needed to go out and actively look for a maid or finally succumb to doing it themselves.

The Service Provider is benefitted because the application gives them an excellent platform to make their services available. It is a much more organized way of finding jobs and thereby making money. The app owner to gains massively because each time the app is used to make a booking; the app owner stands to make a commission.

Thinking about investing in the Maid Service app? Don’t forget to do your bit of research before you go ahead with it. There are quite a few options available in the market. So, when you are making your choice, just remember to go for the option that you have taken a demo of before making payment.

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