Revolution to the Ride-Hailing Industry – Uber for Flying

Thanks to the inception of Uber in 2009, the ride-hailing and ride-sharing industry, on a whole, witnessed an overall transformational change in the way it provided rides to the riders and the riders no longer had to wait in the scorching heat or in incessant rain or cold to avail of a ride. Just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device and through real-time tracking methods, riders were able to avail of rides at the tip of their fingers and go to their desired destination in the shortest time possible. 

Along with making the ride-hailing process comfortable for the riders, Uber also offered riders a large number of vehicles in their solution to choose from like moto, carpool, etc., so on and so forth so that they could travel comfortably and conveniently. 

Keeping in sync with the motto of the Uber services, i.e., of providing a unique ride experience to the riders, it has come up with its new Uber for Flying. 

According to an announcement made by the Uber services. The test shall be done in the year 2020 and the launch shall take place in the year 2023. 

So the question goes that why fly services? Well, the answer to this question is that today pollution and traffic are at an evergrowing rate to say the least and one has to wait for innumerable hours or even minutes to cut the traffic and reach their desired destination. This, in turn, makes it essential to build and develop a solution that will deliver a quick response to the pollution and traffic problems which, in turn, leads to Uber for Flying coming into the picture.

Talking about the same, with the Uber for Flying solution, the riders would be able to avail of flying services and go to their desired destination just in a handful of minutes. All that the rider would have to do is enter the application and choose the flying services. After doing so, they need to add their location, which, in turn, would get them to connect air stations nearest to them. Upon doing so, they would need to add their drop location and then book the ride and reach the air station. And avail of the ride and fly to their desired destination in just a matter of minutes.

So, the next question that comes to mind is what made Uber think of a solution such as Uber for Flying. After all for their ride-hailing and ride-sharing industry and for their riders, to be more precise? 

Well, to answer this question, it is important to understand first and foremost that the level of pollution. Environmental hazards and global warming are at a rise today and are alarming, to say the least. This, in turn, makes it important for the ride-hailing and ride-sharing industry to adopt solutions such as the flying solution. Which would not only be environment-friendly in nature but also at the same time would help in reducing the level of carbon emission into the atmosphere at the largest level possible. 

Next, since the rate of traffic congestions are on the rise thanks to the presence of a large number of vehicle owners. And car owners as well as cabs and other modes of transport it becomes all the more important for the ride-hailing and ride-sharing industry. On a whole to incorporate new ride modes so as to improve the traffic problems that riders usually face and what better way to do that than with the flying solutions. 

All these reasons, in turn, led to the Uber services adopting the Uber for Flying solution to save the time of the riders. Create environment-friendly solutions for the roads and reduce the rate of traffic congestion, on a whole that, in turn, would get launched in the year 2023 and see a test launch in the year 2020. 

Along with the advantages the Uber for Flying solution has to offer for the riders like socializing with other riders, saving the environment by drastically reducing the carbon emission into the atmosphere. Reducing traffic congestion, etc., to name a few,  the Uber for Flying also promises the service providers like the mechanics, the pilots, etc. A good source of income, manage all the rides and the tasks done by them along with keep track of their daily earnings in a more precise manner and get more job opportunities.

The Uber for Flying services will also after its launch in 2023, prove to be a revolutionary step by Uber in the field of transportation as several new riders would obviously be attracted towards using the solution due to its environment-friendly nature and reduced levels of traffic congestion which in turn will lead to a higher customer base for Uber and will increase its overall revenue to skyrocketing levels altogether. 

Also, with the launch of the Uber for Flying solution, it is expected that other new budding entrepreneurs would go on to create similar solutions to provide flying services to their riders so that the riders can effectively save their time and precious energy while travelling along with protecting the environment by drastically reducing the amount of carbon emission, on a whole, into the atmosphere and reducing the overall traffic combustion rates which in turn would lead the new business owners to gain a prominent place in the world of ride-hailing and ride-sharing on a whole among the riders and gain a huge amount of revenue and profits and gain a huge user and customer base, all at the same time. 

So, through all these factors, it becomes clear that the Uber for Flying solution promises to be a game-changer in the world of ride-hailing and ride-sharing. And will be able to gain a huge amount of profits in the long run and will be successful in gaining a huge customer base and riders who would be able to receive convenient rides just through flying services. And help the service provider to automate their daily organizational activities and provide smooth ride experiences to the riders.

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