Build Gojek Like On-Demand Multi-Service App That Is Easy to Launch Business Model

gojek clone 2022

GoJek clone is a Super App that comes with 70+ On-Demand Multi-services under a single application.

This Super App consists of all the required services that your GoJek like app solutions should have to transform your business into profitable. While delivering excellent services, having a seamless integration, quick authentication, and improved user experience, offers complete control over the system, and many advantages to the Gojek Clone app owner. 

As an entrepreneur, you are too tempted to build one. However, you are hesitating not sure if this was the right move to launch an On-Demand Multi-service business during the pandemic. 

Since it is about developing an app like Gojek, it is obvious to feel intimidated by this Super App. Gojek App being a provider of multiple services, to make sure that everything is in sync and working seamless, involves a lot of complexities. Thus, it understandable to have a thought, “Is Gojek like Multiple Services App an easy business model?”

Is Gojek like Multiple Services App An Easy Business Model?

The answer to this question is Yes and No. 

No, it is not easy if you are developing Gojek Clone App right from scratch. You will need a huge investment to develop an app like  Gojek. It has multiple service categories thus involves a good many resources and time to launch.

Also, at every phase, the testing is done to see it is seamlessly performing. For any malware and bug-related issues, the app experiences downtime which doesn’t put the right impression on your customers. To make sure that your Gojek Clone App is performing flawlessly, you have to maintain it, by hiring a technical team. This is again expensive in the long run. So yes, you can say that making Gojek like multiple services app isn’t easy. 

Yes, it is easy if you are buying a Gojek Clone Script. 

Since it is a readymade solution, it hardly takes a week to launch your multiple service business.

Gojek Clone Solution builds on an open-source code that allows 100% customization. A white-labeled Gojek Clone App process hardly takes time and can be done at a fraction of cost. The white-labeling process involves putting your brand logo, color themes, customized services, and everything that carries and talks about your company name. So, in all sense, it looks like it is yours and this is one-time investment. You get the licensed source code, which means you can later make changes to the features, services, pricing, themes, and brand logo as how you like without any technical help.

Furthermore, you are provided with after-sales services that include 24/7/365 technical support, up-gradation, and bug support for a year at no cost.

Buying Gojek Clone Script Is A Cost-effective Solution 

Building an On Demand Multi Service App can save you huge as it can easily accommodate 70+ services. 

Build on open source code, this white-label solution provides you with 100% customization. Thus, you can modify/remove/add features and other stuff easily with no need of hiring a technical person.

Choosing The Right Application Development As A Partner

It is not an easy task for freelancers to build Gojek Like App.

You should connect with the right application development partner to develop Gojek Clone App. Check the Tutorial of how the app performs, and the video testimonials from the clients. 

Customers are aware of what kind of Gojek Clone they want and wish to partner with a company that shows dedication to its work and social cause. A company like us understands the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. Thus, working with a company that is regularly participating in various CSR activities can make a huge difference.

Also, it is has a significant impact by attracting customers who share the same thought process. V3Cube Innovations Pvt. Ltd. recently donated X-ray lead partition and Digital X-ray Cassette to Jivdaya Charitable Trust.

You will feel the difference when you choose to work with an app development company that knows its work and social responsibility and finely balances it.