Disruptors in Online Taxi Sharing Services from Japan and South Korea

Online Ride Hailing Services

Travelling to a new place where people may not be familiar with the language English may pose to be a problem. This is majorly due to the reason, when you commute and share your details with the driver they may or may not be able to understand what you try to communicate.

Take for instance you are travelling to places like Japan and South Korea it is quite likely that people there may not be able to decipher the language you speak. This is mostly because they feel comfortable conversing in their local languages. However, if you have an online taxi app, you can be assured that the driver will understand what you are trying to say in terms of guiding them, and so on and so forth thereby making your journey a pleasant one on a whole.

So, if you are planning to travel to either of these two countries, try using the apps that are given below for commutation. These will help you in a big way to commute in an overall convenient manner.

First we will provide you a list of popular taxi hailing solutions that people depend on for commuting from one place to another in Japan.

Popular Online Ride Hailing Services Apps in Japan


Having the best fleet of taxis with close to around 50000 cars in total JapanTaxi is an app that shall make your journey in Japan a pleasant one. With some unique qualities that include fare calculations, multiple payment modes, to name a few, the solution will help you commute with convenience in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Takkun Taxi Tokyo App

Providing online ride hailing services in places like Mitaka, Musashino etc in Japan, Takkun Taxi Tokyo App is a solution that makes rides convenient and a cakewalk on a whole for riders and if you happen to be here this will surely make your rides an overall convenient one on a whole.


Offering rides in metropolitan areas in and around Japan, LINE Taxi is a popular ride hailing solution that you can use when you are here. Especially if you are familiar with the usage of the LINE app, this shall certainly be a cakewalk for you to operate the app on a whole. All you need to start using the services of the solution is a valid Japanese phone number and a credit card.

So now that you know the popular solutions that help riders in and around Japan, let us now give you a list of some popular taxi hailing service providers in South Korea.

Top Online Ride Hailing Services Apps in South Korea


The popular ride sharing solution helps riders travelling to and fro in Seoul to commute with reasonable ease especially those travelling to and from airports. So, if you are actually in a flight to this region make sure to have this solution in your smartphone or iPhone devices as this will certainly make your rides a convenient one altogether.

Modoo Shuttle

Specializing in offering bus services in areas in and around South Korea where public transport facilities aren’t quite developed to say the least, Modoo Shuttle is another popular solution that you can depend upon when you are visiting the region.


If you are someone who doesn’t get amused by pollution and is someone who hails by environmental protection, well, Olulo is an app that you should have in your smartphone or iPhone devices when travelling in Seoul. Specializing in providing e-scooter services to riders, the solution will help you commute with utmost convenience and protecting the environment as well at the same.

So now you know the popular ride-hailing apps that can make you commute with ease in the Land of the Rising Sun and Seoul respectively. Thus, next time if you go there make sure you have these apps in your device. This will certainly help you travel with utmost convenience as well as comfort without the worry that your driver won’t understand what you speak, to say the least.