Unfolding the Hidden Programming Language Defining Uber’s Innovative Ride Experiences

programming language for uber

What is the first name that comes to your mind when you wish to avail of a ride and cover distances with considerable ease? Uber, right!

About Uber

Uber is popular ridesharing and hailing service provider that since 2009 innovated the overall ride experience of riders. Available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store respectively the solution supports the rider at large get a ride simply through a few simple taps on their smartphone or iPhone device respectively.

Uber’s Usefulness to Riders and Taxi Industry and Driver

All the rider has to do is provide their pickup and drop location, choose the kind of ride they wish to avail of from the different ones available and book the ride. Within some moments the ride arrives and the rider goes to the location they need to with considerable convenience, comfort as well as ease.

With some very unique qualities present in the solution like a large number of rides for choosing from, in-app payment, internet calls and so on and so forth the solution has gone on to capture the attention of riders all over the world and every second person today has this app on their device because of the solution’s commitment to safety of rider and driver both along with making rides a unique experience for the rider and driver both.

Also, it has gone onto capturing the attention of those setting up a new taxi service industry. It is however important you know the programming language that Uber uses so that you know how it makes the experience of riders and drivers altogether a pleasant one.

Here is a description of the same below.

Programming Language Driving Uber’s Success and Uniqueness

To predict the supply of vehicles on a whole Uber utilizes JavaScript and to dispatch the same the programming language used is Node.js, Redis, Java and Objective-C.

For the communication that is the in-app messages as well as push notifications, the ridesharing service provider utilizes Twilio.

Now getting into calculating the ETA (exact time of arrival), surge pricing and so on and so forth, the solution utilizes Python.

Next for the business logic as well the ridesharing service provider utilizes Python. Apart from Python for this purpose, they utilize MySQL and Mongo.

Fifth, when users utilize the website to book a ride the programming language that helps Uber is Backbone.js.

Finally to discover the route with considerable ease the programming language utilized is an amalgamation of HAProxy, Hyperbahn.


Thus, in a nutshell, all these languages together go on to create apps for riders and drivers both and help both tremendously in terms of receiving and delivering unique ride experiences from and to each other.

So next time you use Uber you know what drives this ridesharing service provider towards making rides so unique and memorable altogether for you along with supporting drivers at the same time to offer rides in an overall smooth as well as convenient manner.