Uber Clone Taxi Booking App: Smart, Simple & Easy Ride Service?

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Uber Clone App enjoys an Absolute Monopoly in the On-Demand Taxi Ride Booking Industry because it guarantees Covid-Free and Safe Rides. This App is a Stellar Example of putting Customers’ Comfort over everything else. But First, the Customer has to Register with the User App of Taxi Booking App Development Company. 

Then, the User can Book Instant Taxi Rides, Rent-out Cabs and Moto Rides On Demand or even Hail Taxis by simply waving hands up in the Air!



The Taxi Drivers have been Instructed to Upload a Selfie with the Face Mask On before Starting the Ride. The Entrepreneur can always Review and Verify the Face Mask Status by Logging into the Uber Clone admin Panel / Taxi App admin Panel using Valid Credentials. The World Health Organization had Declared back in 2020 that Face Mask is the Only Shield Mankind has against this Highly-Contagious Air-Borne Virus.

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The App Owner of Taxi Booking App has the Power to Restrict and Reduce the Number of Passengers Per Ride based on the Size of the Cab. This is Simply to Ensure Social Distancing among Co-Riders. For Example: Only Two Riders are allowed to share a Minicab.


Both the Rider and the Taxi Driver have the Right to Immediately Cancel the Ride if the Other Person is found to be Violating Covid-19 Safety Guidelines! The Taxi Driver can Call-Off the Ride if the Passenger is not wearing a Face Mask whereas the Rider can Cancel if there is No Hand Sanitizer in the Cab.


The Passenger has to Agree to the Safety Checklist before Placing a Request for a Taxi Ride. It has the Following Four Pointers:-

  • Wear a Face Mask throughout the Ride
  • Use a Hand Sanitizer Before and After the Ride
  • Carry Personal Belongings like Luggage, Grocery Items and even Car-Seats without the Assistance of the Cab Driver
  • Opt for Cashless Transactions

Similarly, even the Taxi Drivers have to Accept Safety Checklist Pointers before Starting Out the Ride. They are:-

  • Wear a Face Mask throughout the Ride
  • Keep a Hand Sanitizer in the Cab
  • Disinfect the Cab Daily
  • Sanitize Hands Regularly


Only Registered Riders of Uber Clone can give Safety Ratings to the Taxi Driver once the Destination is Reached. It is here, the Rider will be asked as to How Covid-Safe the Ride was! This is Above and Beyond Trip Ratings wherein both the Rider and the Taxi Driver can Rate Each Other.


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