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Tanzania has been a popular tourist spot for a long time, leading to a steady need for taxi services. However, there have not been many competitors in this industry. The emergence of Uber in the market has caused concern among local taxi companies, as it presents significant competition.

There’s a unique method that enables you to make the most of the situation and use it to your benefit. You have the option to create a ride-hailing app and make it available to a wide range of users. This app could potentially bring in revenue for you and also provide advantages to multiple taxi companies in the area.

How is that possible?

In essence, when you initiate your own business using the Uber Clone app, your app won’t be exclusively self-serving. It will provide ample space and opportunities for various entities alongside your venture. The app will enable all taxi companies to register within your app as sub-companies and commence offering rides.

This implies that when an independent company with a fleet of, for instance, 20 cars registers with your app, they can efficiently manage their fleet, manually dispatch taxis from their fleet, and perform various other operations right from within your app.

Your app will provide them with a platform to engage with users through the digital medium. They won’t need to develop their apps, as you’ll be offering that service. The most advantageous aspect of this feature is that you receive a commission every time the app is utilized.

No matter which company is providing the service, and regardless of the driver taking on the task, you will earn revenue consistently if your app is utilized. This mutually beneficial and profitable setup benefits both you and all the other companies offering their services through your platform.

How to get this business Rolling?

It’s actually pretty simple! Uber is a well-known and respected taxi company operating in Tanzania. All you have to do is acquire your own replicated version of the Uber taxi app for Tanzania. To do this, find a company that specializes in developing cloned apps for various countries worldwide. Although it may seem straightforward, there are specific complications to consider.

In most cases, these apps are outsourced. People often either hire a development team located overseas or acquire a ready-to-launch off-the-shelf Uber clone app from an offshore company to establish their taxi business in Tanzania.

Following this approach would be a wise choice if you are confident that the company you plan to buy from is reputable. The best way to confirm their abilities is to ask for a demonstration of the software prior to finalizing the purchase.

Download and test the app for as long as you need before making the final purchase. Additionally, ensure that you promote your taxi business in Tanzania and emphasize the benefits for various taxi companies. This approach will garner substantial support and lead to assured success.

Uber clone app has a package of unique features that helps the rider to enjoy his/her ride.

Passenger App features

  • Easy to use
  • Easy payment options
  • GPS tracking facility
  • Cab tracking
  • Fare calculation
  • Feedback/Review option
  • Android and iOS support
  • Additional currency support
  • Additional language support
  •  Check Estimated time of taxi arrival
  • E-mail alerts
  • SMS alerts
  • Scheduled bookings
  • E-receipts

Driver App features

  • Vehicle Tracking Mode
  • Flexible vehicle options
  • Get idea of trip routes using GPS
  • Notification to drivers
  •  Fare calculation
  • Rate Card
  • E-receipts
  • Multi language support
  • Multi-currency support
  •  UI rendering
  • E-mail alerts
  • SMS alerts
  • Scheduled bookings
  • Flexible vehicle options
  • Android &iOS device support

Unique attributes of taxi business like uber are as follows

Appreciable service

Uber offers its customers exceptional service, enabling users to safely and swiftly travel from one location to another.

Professional drivers

Uber drivers are highly professional, ensuring the safety and well-being of riders during their journey to the intended destination.

Change destination option

If a rider wishes to alter their destination while on an Uber ride, they can easily do so through the application, which provides an option to change the drop-off location.

Customer satisfaction

Uber strives to deliver complete satisfaction and utmost convenience to its customers.

Well trained Drivers

Drivers of uber are well trained before they are hired.


Safety is another key feature that Uber offers its customers. The company conducts drug tests and performs criminal background checks on drivers before hiring them.


Uber believes in building trust with the customers to enhance their business culture.


There is an option to give feedback on the service availed. One can give his/her feedback according to the experience he/she had.


Riders can rate the service on the basis of stars from one star to five stars.

Fare calculation

Uber automatically calculates the fare estimate depending on the distance.

GPS tracking Mode

This feature helps the driver to reach the location from where the taxi has been booked.


Referral codes and coupons are also provided to the customers during the time of the festive season.


Generally, uber is less expensive if we compare it with any other taxi service.

Uber Clone Tanzania

The Uber app clone is developed using cutting-edge technology to guarantee flawless performance. It facilitates riders in reaching their intended destination promptly, making it the most seamless and robust application for booking a cab.