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A taxi app is undeniably a lucrative business venture. With numerous mobile app development companies introducing their versions of the Uber clone script, it’s evident that this industry has tremendous potential. However, for those contemplating entry into this arena, the notion of simply acquiring an “off-the-shelf” application and instantly generating profits might seem too good to be true. If you’ve been in search of a viable commercial solution, you’ve probably encountered the term “Uber clone script ADDONS.”

Add-ons, in essence, are additional features integrated into the existing application to enhance its practicality and tailor it to the specific needs of a customer.

When seeking a reliable Uber clone taxi solution, you’re likely to encounter several market participants who provide their apps as a bundle. This typically includes the Android apps for both drivers and riders, as well as the iOS apps for drivers and riders, the website, and the admin panel, all offered as a comprehensive package for a fixed price.

It’s important to understand that the fundamental application includes a set of basic features that can help you establish your business. However, it’s the “value-added add-ons” that will significantly contribute to your profitability.

List of uber clone script paid AddOns

Now, let’s explore some of the most valuable and crucial “value-added add-ons” that can enhance the profitability of your business:

Call Masking through VOIP calls

Call masking is a highly significant feature, especially in a transportation application like an Uber Clone. This is because when using such an app, the user’s identity is not directly revealed to the service provider. Riders prefer not to share their personal phone numbers with drivers, and drivers also value maintaining their security and privacy.

Nevertheless, call masking can be a costly feature, as you are charged each time a call is initiated. To circumvent this expense, it’s advisable to opt for an app that provides VOIP-based call masking. In this system, calls are conducted over the internet, eliminating the necessity for a phone number.

Pubnub Vs. Socket Cluster

Pubnub is undeniably the most costly component of your application. It’s responsible for enabling users to view a small car graphic on the map and a line that traces the route for the same. Importantly, registering with Pubnub entails an ongoing expense, as the more your app is utilized, the higher the costs incurred.

Therefore, rather than opting for a solution with Pubnub, it’s advisable to consider the Socket Cluster Add-on. This Socket Cluster add-on has the potential to decrease your costs, ultimately enhancing the profitability of your Uber Clone app-based business.

Corporate and Personal Profile

You aim to expand the user base of your Uber clone app, and to achieve this, it’s a fantastic concept to allow companies to register with your app and utilize its services. But how can a company accomplish this? When booking a ride, this feature prompts the individual to specify whether the ride is for personal or professional purposes.

In the case of a professional trip, the company can cover the expenses. On the other hand, for personal trips, the rider is responsible for the charges. This feature proves highly beneficial for large corporations and businesses that involve frequent work-related travel.

In summary, while it can be a good choice to buy Uber clone app, it’s even wiser to invest in the appropriate add-ons that can minimize your costs and contribute to boosting your profits!

Free AddONS


Discounts are provided to the customers from time to time which helps to enhance the working of the business.


The application features a wallet option that allows customers to conveniently make payments to the driver. Wallets can be topped up using debit or credit cards, which is a secure payment method.

Multiple languages

The app is available in multiple languages, making it user-friendly and accessible to a diverse customer base. Typically, the languages offered include regional dialects and a standard language for broader comprehension.

Multiple Currency

Offering multiple language options is a strategic move to enhance the business. For instance, if a rider from India is traveling in the USA, they can settle the bill in Indian currency, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users.

Pre-demo of the app

Pre-demo test of the application is provided to know the actual working performance of the app.

Sympathetic Web Panel’s

100% responsive web panel is provided for the main website, service provider and customer.

Schedule time option

Customers can effortlessly schedule bookings for a later time, a convenient feature that ensures the cab arrives at the rider’s location at the designated time as per their request.

Emergency option

The application includes an emergency option that assists customers in critical situations. By tapping on the emergency option, the customer’s location is automatically shared with the nearest police station, ensuring swift response in case of an emergency.

Referral points and Promo codes

Referral points and promo codes are periodically offered to customers. These incentives keep users engaged with the application and contribute to the growth of the business.

Real-time tracking

Uber provides with a real-time feature so that customer’s loved ones or colleagues may exactly know where the cab is going.

Discounts: Discounts are provided to the customers from time to time which helps to enhance the working of the business.

Multiple destinations

This feature is very helpful when the customer has to take few stops along with the ride. This feature helps the rider to take the stop and do his/her work, and in this duration, the gap driver picks up and drop other customers. One can easily go for this option at the starting of the trip or in between of the ride hailing.