Must Have Add-Ons to the Uber Clone Script

A taxi application is a very profitable one. With so many mobile app development companies coming up their own versions of the Uber clone Script, there is no doubt in the fact that this business seems to have struck gold. However, for anyone who is practically thinking of entering into this world, it seems too unreal to simply pick up an “off the shelf” application and start making money instantly over it. If you have already been on the lookout for a good commercial solution, then you have perhaps already come across the words: Uber clone script ADDONS.

Add ons are essentially features that are added on to the existing application to make it more practical and customized to a customer’s use.

While looking for a good Uber clone taxi you will come across quite a few market players who offer their apps in the form of a bundle. So, they will club together the Android App for the driver and the rider, the iOS app for the driver and the rider, the Website and the admin panel to you for a set price.

Now please note that the basic application will come with a bunch of basic features which should get you up and standing with respect to your business. But it is the “value added add-ons” that are going to make you profitable, really.

List of uber clone script paid AddOns

Let us delve into taking a look at some of the best and most important Value added “add-ons” that will make your business more profitable:

Call Masking through VOIP calls

Call masking is an incredibly important feature when it comes to a transportation application such as Uber Clone. This is because while using such an app, the user is not directly known to the service provider. A rider doesn’t want the Driver to have their personal phone number, nor does the driver want to breach their security.

However, call masking is an expensive feature. The number of times a call is made, you will be charged. In order to avoid this expense, you should go for an app that offers VOIP based call masking. In this system, the calls are made over the internet, which thereby eliminates the need for a phone number.

Pubnub Vs. Socket Cluster

Pubnub is by far the most expensive feature of your application. It is basically that which enables the users to see a small graphic car on the map and a line that traces the route for the same. Now, when you register with Pubnub, it isn’t a onetime cost. The more your app is use the more you have to pay for it.

So, instead of going for an option with Pubnub, you should, instead choose for the Socket Cluster Add-on. This socket cluster add-on is the one that will be able to reduce your expenses and thereby making your Uber Clone app based business more profitable.

Corporate and Personal Profile

You want your Uber clone app to be used by more and more people. This is why it is a great idea if companies can register with your app and take rides on it. Now how does a company do that? While booking a ride, this feature will ask the individual if the ride is a personal one or a professional one.

If it is a professional trip, the expenses can be borne by the company itself. For personal trips, the charges will be borne by the Rider himself or herself. This is a great feature for all big corporate or companies that involve a lot of traveling for their work.

On the whole, while it may be great to buy Uber clone app, it will always be a better option to purchase the right add-ons that can reduce your expenses and help in pulling up your profits!

Free AddONS


Discounts are provided to the customers from time to time which helps to enhance the working of the business.


Wallet option is there in the application by which customer can easily pay the amount to the driver. Wallets can be recharged with the debit or credit cards which is a secure mode of payment.

Multiple languages

This app is in multiple languages which makes it easy for the customers to understand the working of the application. Generally, languages that are provided are regional and one standard language.

Multiple Currency

Multiple language options are provided to boost the business. Suppose, if a rider belongs to India and he is traveling in a cabin USA, he can pay the bill in Indian currency

Pre-demo of the app

Pre-demo test of the application is provided to know the actual working performance of the app.

Sympathetic Web Panel’s

100% responsive web panel is provided for the main website, service provider and customer.

Schedule time option

Customers can easily schedule booking for the later time. This is a very good option by which cab will reach at rider’s place at the time of the scheduled time.

Emergency option

There is an option, provide in the application which helps the customers to get out of any emergency situation. The customer can directly tap on the emergency option of the application and the location will be automatically shared with the nearest police station.

Referral points and Promo codes

Referral points and promo codes are provide to the customers from time to time. It keeps people engage with the application and helps the business to grow.

Real-time tracking

Uber provides with a real-time feature so that customer’s loved ones or colleagues may exactly know where the cab is goingDiscounts: Discounts are provided to the customers from time to time which helps to enhance the working of the business.

Multiple destinations

This feature is very helpful when the customer has to take few stops along with the ride. This feature helps the rider to take the stop and do his/her work, and in this duration, the gap driver picks up and drop other customers. One can easily go for this option at the starting of the trip or in between of the ride hailing.

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