Transit Apps for Public Transportation Services

It is true that in transportation services, public transport is the most cheapest service. In public transport, buses are the most convenient way to travel from one place to another. Many people who consider public transportation for daily purpose use buses. A bus is one of the best and the safest means of transport that not even affect anyone’s pocket if used daily. Which is why it is the most convenient mode of travelling for daily purpose. Every morning you can see people are waiting at bus stops for their bus to arrive. Some have to reach at their offices, some have to go to their colleges or schools, some are ready to reach at their warehouses. However, most every person finds buses as the best conveyance vehicle.

Well, nowadays travelling has become quite easier as taxi services are provided through apps. After Uber, the transportation industry has become quite popular but still the most preferred and used transportation mode is bus. Understanding the importance, many transit apps are available but there are only few that seems helpful.

Consider taking a look at some of the best public transit apps that help people to from buses.

EasyWay Public Transport

It is the most popular public transit app in Eastern Europe which includes more than 150 cities. It includes cities of Russia, Ukraine and some of the cities of Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova and Serbia. This public transit app is very much simple to use, all you have to do is search out the place where you have to go and then simply book your local bus ticket from the apps only. You can pay via online payment mode or you can even pay to the bus manager when bus arrives at the stop.


Well, Moovit is also a popular public transportation app that covers almost 2000 cities all around the world. It does not provide any ride services but still it is one of the most public transit app because it provides the most updates schedules of all the public transportation mediums. Transportation mediums like train, buses, subways and trams. Moovit shows accurate schedules of all these public transports that actually help people to know at what time their mode of transportation will be arriving. A huge number of people consider Moovit one of the best transit app that should be used by everyone.


OneBusAway is a new public transit app but it is the most useful app that every person should use who travel daily. This app is providing services in few cities of the United States i.e., San Diego, Rogue Valley, Tampa Bay, Washington DC and New York. OneBusAway helps in finding the nearest bus stop from where one can easily get the bus. This app has also made a partnership with many local transportation agencies that helps in booking tickets.

On Demand App for Booking Bus Tickets

There are apps for almost every services but apps for booking bus tickets are very less. Well, it’s a great chance for you to buy Uberbus clone app and start your bus ticket booking services in your city.