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Whether you agree or not, Uber is widely recognized as the reigning champion among ride-hailing apps. While there are services that can match or even surpass Uber in terms of the quality of the service provided, when it comes to the business model, Uber consistently emerges as the winner. Following the debut of Uber’s exceptional app-based taxi services, a wave of other logistics companies introduced their own business models. As a result, there are now numerous taxi services operating similarly to Uber. However, in this discussion, we are focusing on the conventional taxi services and Uber.

Let’s be honest, in the days before Uber’s arrival, traditional yellow cabs were thriving, with people still relying on taxi services even at double the current rates. However, with Uber’s introduction to the market, everything changed dramatically, and the traditional taxi industry began to decline. In fact, Uber disrupted and significantly transformed the old-school taxi industry, ultimately gaining the upper hand. There was a period when Uber completely dominated the taxi market worldwide.

Numerous individuals hold the belief that Uber disrupted various businesses, while others argue that it provided an improved platform for earning. Apart from its innovative business model, what were the distinctive factors that set Uber apart from traditional taxi services?

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Let’s find them out Uber Different From Other Taxi Services

Taxi Inspection

You may already know that when a new taxi service company is preparing to launch its services, it’s crucial for them to have their taxis undergo initial inspections. Thorough inspections are a prerequisite for accommodating passengers. In the past, government automotive experts were responsible for these inspections, but obtaining their services has become increasingly challenging.

With the arrival of Uber, both Uber and traditional taxi services were required to have their cabs inspected. Uber taxis were given top priority in the inspection queue, causing delays for regular taxis, which sometimes took over a day to complete their inspections. Furthermore, the cost of inspections, which used to be relatively low, increased as a consequence of Uber’s entry into the market.

Service Charges

The advent of Uber marked a significant revolution in the pricing of taxi service. Uber’s fare structure was notably lower than that of traditional metered taxis. While regular taxis continued to operate with high metered fares, Uber introduced the convenience of cashless payments. In traditional taxis, riders were limited to cash transactions, which weren’t always convenient. However, with Uber, riders had the flexibility to pay using various online methods, including debit cards, credit cards, and net banking, in addition to cash payments.

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