Why Uber is Known to be Different from Other Taxi Services?

Accept it or not, Uber is known to be the king of all the ride-hailing apps. Services can vary from Uber and can be better than Uber but if we talk about the business tool then Uber will always be the winner. After Uber came out on the road with their amazing taxi services that were based on the app, one by one other logistic companies came up too with their business tools. Now, there are many other taxi services that work similarly as Uber do. But here we are talking about the normal taxi services and the Uber.

Let’s face it when was didn’t arrive, normal yellow cabs were booming as people still were using taxi services and that two they were giving the double price of now. As Uber arrived in the market, the thing got totally changed and the old school taxi industry starts depleting. The old taxi industry was literally destroyed by the Uber and Uber took the advantage. There was a time when Uber complete took over the market of taxi industry everywhere.

Many people believe that Uber ruined many businesses and some say it gave a platform to earn in a better way. What were those things that made Uber completely different from the normal taxi services except the business tool?

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Let’s find them out Uber Different From Other Taxi Services

Taxi Inspection

You might be aware of this that when where a new taxi service company is ready, to begin with, their service, it is necessary for them to get their taxi’s inspected first. All the taxis should be inspected properly in order to take the riders. Before the inspection was taken by the government auto experts but it has become very difficult to get it done.

After Uber come, both Uber and the normal taxis had to get the cabs inspected. First priority is given to the Uber taxi. After them, the normal taxi’s are inspected which may even take more than a day. Also, the cost of inspecting was very less before but as Uber came the cost of inspection also increased.

Service Charges

When Uber came, it brings a new revolution in the price of taxi service. In comparison with the metered taxis, the taxi service charges by Uber was way much less. At the same time, the normal taxis were working on meters that cost very high in comparison with Uber fare. Even in the normal taxi, the rider is allowed to only in cash which was not all the time convenient for the riders. But in Uber, the riders are allowed to pay through cash as well as in online payment modes like a debit card, credit card, and net banking.

Uber like Taxi Services

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