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Success stories are made by those who actually earned it is unique in the whole industry. The same story is about the Lyft Clone ride. After Uber, Lyft was the next successful taxi service providing company in the market of United States. It was launched in June 2012 in San Francisco, California and now it is serving almost 300 cities of United States as well as few cities of Canada i.e., Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary.

It is simple to use this app, an individual requires to download and install Lyft mobile app in their smartphone. For requesting a ride, that person will have to sign up in the app with their valid phone number. Then requires to add the appropriate payment mode, the rider can add their credit card or can pay through other e-wallets like PayPal, Google Wallet or Apple Pay. After adding the payment mode, then only a rider can request for a ride.

The workflow is very simple; the ride request placed by the rider is received by all the nearby ideal Lyft drivers. As soon as any driver confirms the ride request, all the details of the driver are shown on the screen of the rider. Whatever ratings did the driver has received in the last ride is also shown by the side of his or her name. As the trip completes, rider receives the ride bill and from there the rider can pay directly to the driver. Well, the ride-booking is quite simple through this mobile app.

Lyft clone

Let’s take a look at the services that Lyft provide through their mobile app.


You may be familiar with the term ridesharing or you may be using it while commuting. It’s very much trending; people use it in sharing their ride with another rider who is going on the same routes. This helps in saving money as the ride amount is split amongst the riders. It is the same in the Lyft ride and is cheaper than the normal ride. From rideshare, you can just share your ride with other riders easily.


It is the most common ride service option available is Lyft and this service is working in cities. It provides a personal daily usable and affordable ride with the seating capacity of 4 people.

Lyft XL Ride

It is the same as the Lyft ride service but only change in this is the size of the ride. The rides in this taxi XL are bigger than the normal cars; it includes SUVs or minivans that have a seating capacity of 6 people.

Lux Ride

Well, this service is for those who want to travel in a luxury ride. Choosing this service avails a luxury ride for the rider and can enjoy the luxury ride. It is a bit expensive but according to the price, the ride provides a lot.

Lux Black Ride

It’s an advanced form of Lux ride service as it includes the luxury black color ride for the rider. To make the ride experience luxurious, the ride is driven by the top drivers of this taxi business. This ride service option is recommended for special occasions.

Benefits for lyft drivers-

Lyft drivers are earning good amount of money to reach their goals, like providing a good life to their families or paying off house loans. Drivers can set monthly or weekly earning goals and lyft application will guide them to reach their aim.

Expressway feature- Driver of lyft can cash out his earnings at any day of the week, but it is only possible if he has earned at least $5.

Bonuses- With prime Time, Ride streaks, Personal Power Zones, Ride Challenges and more, a driver gets many opportunities to earn extra cash.

Tips- Right from the app, riders can easily pay tips to the drivers depending on their experience of the trip.

Affordable Rental- If a driver does not have his personal car, then to he can earn from lyft. Express drive program lets the driver take a car on rent at an affordable rate and can easily earn a good amount of money.

Benefits for lyft riders-

Good connectivity with the lyft drivers-

Securing good connectivity ensures the time accuracy and builds a good and impressive image of the company. When it comes to the late arrival of the taxi, it creates a negative image of the company but here, the users of lyft catch their taxi on time. There is less chance of taxi arrived at the rider’s place.

Shared Saver, Most affordable ride of lyft-

With shared saver, riders have to never worry about surge pricing. The rides will be locked at the lowest prices, always for their customers. Riders will always have a well-grounded way to book a lyft taxi.

Save money by walking a little-

When few minutes for a ride is left, this application finds the best pickup spot near rider’s location, maybe a few blocks, from where the rider meet his/her driver and same is for drop-off. Rider’s few steps can save money.


Security is another very important aspect of any taxi service. Keeping this in mind, lyft has allotted some numbers which rider can use during the time of an emergency.

How Lyft works?

  • The rider needs to set the destination and then set the type to Shared Saver
  • Rider now needs to tap confirm pick up an area to request his/her ride.
  • Once shared saver is confirmed, the rider receives a notification where to walk.
  • Once the ride is over, rider receives a notification about where to walk to reach his/her destination.

Business like Lyft Ride

Lyft Clone has already made its name in the taxi industry, but if have something similar business plans then you will require a business model like Lyft Clone. It’s one of the most trending businesses in the market so make sure contact a better clone app providing company can avail you a robust Lyft clone script.