Does Nigeria need more apps like OGA taxi?

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An app like OGA taxi does well in Lagos, Nigeria?

Wherever there is a population, the demand for transportation is inevitable. With the population continuously growing, it’s only natural that an increasing number of people are seeking their opportunities in business and in life.

Nigeria is one of the places in the world experiencing rapid growth and development at a pace that outstrips many other regions. With the introduction of new technologies and a growing acceptance of diverse technological solutions across various business sectors, the country’s commercial landscape is reaching unprecedented levels of success.

A novel and increasingly popular business concept in this region is the on-demand taxi industry, often referred to as the rideshare market. These companies not only focus on providing taxi services to the public but also offer a source of employment for drivers.

The focus has shifted from being solely customer-centric to a more holistic approach, where service providers are treated with equal importance. This shift in perspective sets the tone for the success of these companies.

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How does that happen?

In simple terms, independent drivers in Nigeria can sign up on these on demand taxi apps in Nigeria and provide details about their car’s make and model. This information is used to create their driver profile. So, when a car owner wants to begin providing rides and earning money, they need to inform the app about the type of car they own and how many passengers it can accommodate.

Interestingly, this service isn’t limited to just traditional taxi rides. In this model, there are two ways for individuals to offer rides:

Full taxi service

This is similar to a traditional taxi service. The rider requests a ride, the driver accepts the request, picks up the rider, and takes them to their destination. The ride’s price is pre-calculated by the app, and payment can be made at the end of the trip via card, cash, or mobile money.

Ride Sharing Service

This concept primarily operates as a carpool service. In this case, if a car owner is traveling from destination A to destination B, they can specify the route they will be taking and the number of available seats in the car. Other riders can then join the trip, sharing the cost with the driver.

Other passengers who want to travel to the same destination or anywhere along the route can join the ride and pay for a “seat” rather than the entire car. This allows riders to pay less while still getting a comfortable ride, and car owners can save or even earn money when traveling along a route they were already planning.

OGA introduces brand new cars in lagos and it’s 25% cheaper than others

OGA taxi service has recently introduced a fleet of brand new cars in Lagos, offering a 25% cheaper alternative compared to other taxi services. A few months ago, OGA taxi revolutionized transportation choices for Lagosians, and they have now expanded their fleet to further enhance mobility and speed for their users in the city.

How many people can sit with the rider?

OGA taxis have a seating capacity of four people. For ride-pooling, a rider can bring one additional passenger, making it a total of two passengers. If a rider prefers a classic ride without ride-pooling, they can accommodate up to three more passengers, allowing a total of four people in the vehicle.

If the rider has lost any item in the taxi?

In case a rider misplaces an item in the taxi, they should complete a lost property form, providing all the required details about the lost item and the ride they took. If the lost item is recovered, the company will promptly notify the rider.


After completing a successful ride, both drivers and riders have the opportunity to leave reviews and ratings. A driver’s score indicates how many people would choose to ride with the same driver again.

How to review the driver?

Upon completing a ride successfully, there is an option provided in the application for passengers to rate the driver based on their riding experience.

In case of any issue with the driver

In case of any issue with the driver which can’t be sorted out by speaking, customers can directly give the feedback on the application providing all the basic and necessary details of the driver.

If a customer has booked a ride, how will he/she know if someone wants to share the ride?

The OGA application initiates its search for additional riders as soon as the ride begins. It starts notifying the rider when it discovers more riders heading in the same direction. However, to utilize this feature, the rider must keep their phone nearby and enable the “Splyt” option.

Emergency case

OGA taxi allocates different contact numbers to their customers which they can use in case of emergency. The emergency option also provides the current location of the taxi to the nearest police station.

Polite and professional drivers

Drivers of OGA taxi are pure professionals and polite. They try their best to serve the riders. Drivers of OGA are well trained before they are hired. Sometimes they have to undergo by drug tests to know whether the employee is in influence of drugs or not. Proper authentication of criminal records are also done before hiring a driver.

Get your own app like OGA

There is tremendous potential in this business, so, if you are trying to make a little money for yourself, then buying this taxi app in Nigeria could be a great move. Make sure that you buy Oga taxi app clone after testing the app thoroughly. It will surely bring you a lot of success.