Does Nigeria need more apps like OGA taxi?

An app like OGA taxi does well in Lagos, Nigeria?

Wherever there are people, the need for transportation will definitely be there. With the population ever on the rise, it is only natural that more and more people are trying to find their calling in business and in life.

Nigeria is one of those places in the world which is truly thriving and growing at a much faster rate than the rest of the world. The introduction of new technology and the acceptance towards different kinds of technology towards different kinds of businesses, the commercial structure of the country is reaching new heights.

A very novel and popular concept in business in this area these days happens to be the on demand taxi business. Well, not just taxi; you may call it the ride share market. This is because the companies itself don’t aim at providing only taxi service to the people but also a form of employment to the drivers.

The focus has shifted from just being a customer centric organization to a more holistic service where the service providers are treated with equal importance. This in general sets the tone for the success of these companies.

app like OGA

How does that happen?

Essentially, independent drivers can register into such on demand taxi apps in Nigeria and mention the make and model of their cars in it. This information helps in building a profile for them. So, basically, when a car owner wants to start offering rides and get paid for it, he has to let the app know what kind of a car he drives and how many passengers he can carry.

Now, interestingly, this service is not restricted to a taxi only kind of a service. In this model, there are two ways using which a person can offer rides:

Full taxi service

This is a form of offering rides that is just like a normal taxi service. The Rider requests a ride and the driver accepts the request and goes straight to pick the rider and take them to their desired destination. The price for the ride is pre calculated by the app and payment is made at the end of the trip by card/ cash or mobile money.

Ride Sharing Service

This is a unique concept which primarily operates like a carpool service. So, in this case, if a car owner is going from destination A to destination B, he can mention the route that he will be taking along with the number of seats available in the car.

Anyone else who wants to travel either to the same destinations or anywhere along the route can ride along and pay for a “seat” instead of the whole car. This way, the rider ends up paying much less and getting a good ride, while the car owner saves some money (or even earns some) while traveling to a destination along a route that he anyway had to.

OGA introduces brand new cars in lagos and it’s 25% cheaper than others

OGA taxi service introduces brand new cars in Lagos and it is 25% cheaper if we compare it with any other taxi service. Few months back, OGA taxi adored Lagosians with new choices of how to move around in the city and now they have increased the number of cars to increase the movement even more, faster for their users.

How many people can sit with the rider?

OGA has a seat of four people. So, if a rider is looking to pool a ride then he/she can bring one more passenger the same as the co-rider and if the rider is willing to take a classic ride not looking to pool then up to three people can join the rider.

If the rider has lost any item in the taxi?

If the rider has lost any item in the taxi, then he/she need to fill up the form of lost property and provide all the necessary details of the lost item and the ride he/she took. If the lost item is found, then the company informs to the rider.


All the drivers and the riders can be reviewed after completing the successful ride. Score of the driver tells the rider that how many people want to ride with the same driver again.

How to review the driver?

After the successful completion of the ride, there is an option given in the application to rate the driver according to their riding experience.

In case of any issue with the driver

In case of any issue with the driver which can’t be sorted out by speaking, customers can directly give the feedback on the application providing all the basic and necessary details of the driver.

If a customer has booked a ride, how will he/she know if someone wants to share the ride?

OGA application starts searching at the same time when the ride starts. This application starts notifying the rider when it finds more riders in the same way. But to avail this feature the rider has to keep his/her phone close by and should turn on Splyt turn on the option.

Emergency case

OGA taxi allocates different contact numbers to their customers which they can use in case of emergency. The emergency option also provides the current location of the taxi to the nearest police station.

Polite and professional drivers

Drivers of OGA taxi are pure professionals and polite. They try their best to serve the riders. Drivers of OGA are well trained before they are hired. Sometimes they have to undergo by drug tests to know whether the employee is in influence of drugs or not. Proper authentication of criminal records are also done before hiring a driver.

Get your own app like OGA

There is tremendous potential in this business, so, if you are trying to make a little money for yourself, then buying this taxi app in Nigeria could be a great move. Make sure that you buy Oga taxi app clone after testing the app thoroughly. It will surely bring you a lot of success.

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