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Nigeria is home to 186 million people who rely on some form of transport to do their daily activities. The reality is that there is no taxi business in Nigeria or not a proper public transport system makes commuting even more difficult.

The arrival of Uber in 2014 was a much-awaited welcome for the residents of this highly populated country. Uber provided the much-needed convenience that people required to get around. Uber has recorded one million trips just after two years of launching. These figures have provided food for thought for many a budding entrepreneur, who have now started developing user-friendly iOS and Android-based apps to not only order taxis but also for other on demand services and products.

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Build and Create a Profitable Taxi Business In Nigeria

When we talk about the business not the single place Nigeria but throughout the world, it is one of the most profitable businesses today. It is an industry that is raking in billions of dollars daily with the use of smart taxi apps. If you will try to dig up some information, you will find extreme results. More than billions of people are booking their ride all around the world at the same time.

Now the public does not use their own vehicles to travel to their offices or workplaces. They consider booking their rides every morning with the help of taxi service app. As for save them a lot of money and a ride-sharing option has made their daily traveling way much easier.

Earning Potential

A taxi driver on a normal day makes about $150 daily (N25,000) in Nigeria. Once expenses like fuel, wear and tear, parking etc are deducted he gets to keep the rest.

A taxi company owner, on the other hand, will charge a percentage commission for every ride. Normal commission charges are approximately $70(N14,000) daily. This is after the driver and fuel costs have been taken care of. Depending on the number of taxis you have you can imagine your earning potential!

Now that you have the figures in front of you, it is now time for action. You need to bring these written figures and convert them into hard cash. To do this, you have to get an Android and iOS on demand taxi app for your business.

How to Plan About Creating a Taxi App

The first thing you need to do is identify your niche. What is it that your taxis will offer that other taxis are not offering? Is your specialty going to be airport rides, females for females ride etc?

Research well, and try to figure out what the commuters are looking for. Research thoroughly on your competitors too, what they offer, rates they charge etc. If you are going to beat them at their own game, you need to know their loopholes and capitalize on them. Study about the disadvantage as well as the advantages that their services have. Also, take a good look at the market trend, what the public wants? What are their requirements from the other companies that are serving the same services?

All the answers will make know about all the steps taken while doing business. The market trend is always dynamic, the market trend is never stable. To stand in market competition, you will have to come up with a robust strategy. A strategy that is made up of no breaking points. The service that you will provide should be helpful to your customer or else your business will taste the ground soon.

Take your idea to a developer who will bring your idea to life by giving you an app that will bring your business to life. Most developers will give you a complete white-labeled solution that will have your company brand and logo.

If you are thinking that all this will cost a lot of money then you are wrong. The basic app, which comes with a set of three – a driver app, a passenger app, and an Admin panel are not very expensive. You can easily get it on your budget. However, depending on your unique idea and the extra features and functions required to bring your idea to life, the cost may vary.

Once your app has been developed, the app company will usually launch it for you. They will also configure it and install it for you. They will take care of the licensing of your brand and domain too, making it very easy and stress-free for you. Other add-ons that come with your app will be:

  • Customer support round the clock
  • Minor amendments and modifications
  • Free upgrades for the first year
  • One free language customization
  • One currency customization
  • Choice of template

For the price you pay, you will get a package that comprises of the full Android app, the full iOS app, web panels for the drivers and the riders, taxi company web panel, dispatcher panel, main website, admin web panel, billing administrator panel and dispatcher panel.

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Time To Invest in The App For Taxi Business In Nigeria

You now have all the figures in front of you. All you need to do is research on which developer will give you the best deal and launch your app in a country that desperately needs your services to cater for its population.

Launch a taxi app for both iOS and Android platforms for maximum reach and start raking in the profits today. The taxi business in Nigeria is booming and you need to be a part of it before it is too late.