Why Cubetaxi as the world’s most user friendly app?

Wherever you are in the world, you will have access to the on demand taxi app concept. The on demand industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with over 22 million customers spending an estimated 36 billion dollars to enjoy the convenience brought about by this concept.

This supply and demand phenomenon means stiff competition. If you are a start-up then your first impression will be your last impression. You need to make an impression in seconds or else another app will beat you. Perhaps that app does the same thing as yours, but their window dressing is better.

This is the exact thought that went through the developers’ mind when the concept of the on demand taxi app, CubeTAXI was being designed. The developers wanted to ensure that the app they designed would leave a lasting impression for any user.

on demand taxi app

CubeTAXI holds the award for the most user-friendly app in the market. It designed such that amongst all the on demand taxi app.

Why is Cube Taxi label as the most user-friendly on demand taxi app?

Let’s look at the reasons why Cube Taxi has earned the label of being the most user-friendly app.

On Boarding And User Experience

Not everyone is tech savvy so it is important that when an app is being developed. Care is taken that a first time user can find his way around the app easily and quickly. Features should be placed such that when a user is using the app, he is able to navigate through the app just like he is riding a bicycle – on automation. Simplicity as well as being seamless is the key to a successful app as it prevents users from getting frustrated and abandoning the order midway simply because things have come to a halt.

In-App Navigation And Flow Should Be Clear

New app users can get easily frustrated if they cannot find their way around the app or cannot find what they are after. Most people lose patience easily if they cannot find the information or product they are after when they are navigating around the app. This means that they can just as easily stop using the app altogether. Once that happens it is very difficult to get them back on it, if at all.

That is why a CubeTAXI team has made sure that if a user wants to go from A to B, he has the smoothest and most positive riding experience. They have also added an extra feature whereby users can share their good experience with other users.

A Straightforward Ride Request And Payment System

A few clicks are all it takes for users to request a ride when using CubeTAXI. This app offers the most seamless riding experience compared to other on demand taxi apps. Facility to login via social media platforms is also available. This way first-time users do not get alienated from using the app because they can log into the app from platforms they are familiar and comfortable with like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Payment is very much secure when you use the CubeTAXI app for booking a ride. If any user has no cash, he or she can simply select online payment options. With an online payment option, a user can pay through his or her credit as well as the debit card. The transaction is protected with the payment gateways. CubeTAXI have two different payment gateways:

  • Braintree PayPal
  • Stripe

These two are the default payment gateways that come with the CubeTAXI app.

Taxi Scheduling And Tracking

Customers prefer to use the on demand taxi app because of the convenience they offer, not to forget the aspect of speed. As soon as the rider requests the ride, customers want to know the exact location of their vehicle. That is why CubeTAXI has a real-time tracking feature that reassures their users that their taxi is on its way and the speed and convenience they have paid for is worth it.

The real-time tracking is empowered by a technology name PUBNUB. Well, PUBNUB technology is used to track the live location of any device that is enabled with PUBNUB. It is very much accurate and helps driver as well as the user to locate the real-time location of each other. With the help of the graphical interface on Google maps, CubeTAXI addresses the location quite amazingly.

Feedback System

Ratings and reviews are essentials for users to tell the world that the app they are using is phenomenal. That is why CubeTAXI has a feature which allows users to rate the service and leave feedback. This way other users can see the success of the app. Negative reviews handled promptly in a polite and positive manner, showing thorough professionalism with a view to improving the functions of the app with every negative review received.

Why buy the Cubetaxi app for your taxi business?

CubeTAXI is one finest clone app for providing app-based taxi services. It is full of features for both drivers as well as a user too. For a taxi business start-up, CubeTAXI can be a perfect platform. All you have to do is to avail better taxi services to your customers. Because, if your services will be outstanding, more customers will join your app. As you will gain more customers, it will be easier for you to earn money at a greater level. With the on demand taxi app, you can easily expand your taxi business all around the world.

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