Uber for Medical Transport to the Rescue of Patients

Many of us know what it is like to have a medical emergency and not knowing what to do. There are so many countries where there is no dedicated emergency helpline number. Many countries, especially in Africa and other remote areas of the world have this problem. In such areas, an ambulance can take anything from 2 to 5 hours to arrive, by which time the patient may be beyond help. There is also no guarantee that an ambulance will arrive despite making the call.  In these areas, the Uber for medical transport is the ideal solution to deal with this international problem.

uber for medical transport

The Uber for medical transport is actually an Uber like app that facilitates ambulances to specific locations. With the help of Smartphone mobile technology, it connects patients to ambulances who will transport them to the hospital. These apps help in reducing ambulance response times as well as save millions of lives across the globe. These apps have the same facilities as Uber, allowing the patient to track and communicate with the medical team until the ambulance reaches him.

Ambulance drivers have all the equipment to ensure that they get to their destination in the shortest time possible. The drivers have their driver app on their smartphones; Google maps and Geo location features help them to get to the exact location with minimal disturbance from road traffics and works.

From a Business point of view

The owners of this app, or rather the ambulance service get a percentage commission for each ride booked on the app. Owners of this app can link up with nearby hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers to provide ambulance services when required.

The amount of commission slowly builds up to quite a substantial amount in just a short time. If you are thinking of investing in this app then you need to know what you can get with this app.

Uber for Medical Transport App Includes

  • One free language and currency of your choice. This facility allows you to launch the app in any part or city of the world without worrying about language and currency issues. It is necessary to integrate the language as well as the currency. Because if your app user is from other country or city who do not understands the language that is used in your area, he or she may feel helpless. It’s your medical transportation service app; it should be helpful for each and every single person that opens it.
  • Similarly, with the currency, there should be an option of multi-currency so that people whose currencies are different from your native land can pay you with ease. Always remember that currencies will only be helpful in receiving the payment through online payment modes.
  • The automated payment system, facilitating payment by card and e-wallets should be included in your medical transportation app. At the time of emergency, people do not carry bundles of cash with themselves. And they even have to pay for the services that they are receiving. In this situation, they only have one option that is paying through online payment modes. Now online payment modes include payment through credit or debit card or the customer can use their e-wallet. But before using their e-wallets, they will have to sync it with your medical transportation app.
  • The real-time tracking system should be integrated into your app. It will allow the needy person to locate where the vehicle has reached and how much time will it take to reach his or her location. Real-time tracking system gets activated from the time the request is accepted by your driver. It showcases each and every detail about the driver as well as the vehicle.
uber for ambulance

More Features…

  • Free app installation, launch, and configuration of your app. The app providing company will keep the installation of the app free for your customers. After all, it is an uber for medical transport app; it will not be costing a bit. The app providing company will be launching your app on both the popular platform i.e., iOS and Android at the same time. Before launching, each and every single section of an app will be tested as well as configured properly.
  • Log in via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. To explore the services, users can get into the app through their social media accounts. They just have to log in to their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts if any user does not like to complete the complicated manual sign up process.
  • Free customer support throughout the year. The app providing company should provide you with customer support as it is actually necessary. You can be a non-technical person and may not know the technicality of an app. This is why it is necessary to have proper customer support.

If you are thinking of launching you’re own uber for an ambulance then this is the right time to strike. This is a concept that has not been explored very much. And therefore there is a sure chance of success if you launch it in an area. Where you know that there are few medical facilities, especially ambulances. It is therefore important that you do your research well, and develop a unique service that will cater to patients who need an ambulance to receive medical treatment. Talk to your developer about your vision and get them to develop an uber for medical transport app for your business.

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