Uber for Disabilities

Imagine a day where your left hand is hurt and the doctor advises you to not use it. Well, if this is your condition in one day, imagine the life of those who succumb to such circumstances on a daily basis? Yes, the discussion here leads to those especially able people who have the same body parts as a normal human. But they not able to use them either because of some mishap in their life or due to a condition existing by birth. Have you ever wondered how they manage to withstand the advancements of life with their disability? How do they do all the basic things of life – brushing their teeth, climbing stairs or for that matter, even eating with the normal cutlery? Traveling is another basic stuff for us, but for the disabled? That is when Uber for disability comes into the picture.

When it was rolled out in the market, businessmen were sceptical about its acceptability, but as it caught rage and more and more people started choosing this service for their commutation, investors and businessmen started understanding the benefits of this service.

Taxi Clone for Disabilities

How is this Different?

While there are tons of on demand services available in the market. How is this app service different from the rest?

  • The vehicles are different

While some cars will have a ramp down their boot, and other cars will have moving seats that can be moved out, allow the passenger to slide in, and then the seat will move back to its original place – the vehicles in this service are different as they cater to various forms of disabilities.

No hatchback or sedan cars are used for medical services. Car like SUV and vans are used because they are far much safer from other cars.

  • The drivers have to go an extra mile

In the normal taxis, drivers reach the pickup point; wait for the rider to a board and then their responsibility ends when they drop the passenger at the destination point. But in this service, the drivers will have to go an extra mile by helping the passenger get in and out of the vehicle. That is why the services of uber for disabilities app are much better that than the other taxi service app.

  • Push notifications may vary

If you are catering to a hearing disabled person, calling the person to let them know that the car has arrived may not help. The driver will have to test the rider to let them know this. Hence, push notification in this service will vary and may be different from the normal on demand taxi app for disabled. Push notification lights up the screen with the vibration that can derive a hearing disabled person.

Components of this Uber for Disability App Service

When you reach out to a mobile and app developer to help you create this special app for you. You may expect the below features to be present 

  • A website for those who do not access mobile phones. This website will help those people who are not at all aware of using a mobile phone. Or the people who are not aware of using a smart device where an app works.
  • The user of iOS and android who requires on demand taxi service can directly connect with uber for disabilities app. Consider using keywords like rider app to find an application on the place to download the app.
  • Customer Web Panel that is easy to access. Basically, customer web panel is provided to every customer who is using the services through the app. It can be accessed through app only. If a customer wants to check out his or her overall trips of a month, that individual can check its invoices as well as the trip chart too.
  • Uber for disability provides iOS and Android app which is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones. Whether the rider is using an iOS device or an Android device, the app is available for both the operating system. These two mobile operating systems that are mostly used by the people. Even the users of iOS are less but Android users are increasing daily. As Android is the most flexible mobile operating system build till yet. It is an open-source OS that let other developers from various places can also study it.
  • Uber for disability service Provider Web Panel that will have admin Web Panel to administrate the working of the app. If you are an owner of uber for disabilities app, you will get an admin panel. A web-based tool that controls everything of an app. Being an owner, only you will get the access credential of an admin panel. With help of an admin panel, you can track your earnings, the number of the driver working under you and many more things.
uber for disability

Final Word

Uber for disability app not only helps you to earn a specified amount of commission with every booking. But it also helps you to serve the society in a good way. By easing out travel for specially challenged people, you are helping them to boost their confidence and letting them know that though their physical appearance may be a little different from the rest of the world, yet they should not feel under confident because of that. Invest in this today, with low investment and high profits.