Top 5 Admin Features of Taxi Booking App

The transportation industry experienced a dramatic change with the inception of the on-demand ride-hailing and ride sharing service Uber in the year 2009 and it did not take long for new and budding entrepreneurs to create new on demand taxi booking application having top-notch features and services that are advantageous both for the riders as well as the drivers.

It is, however, important to remember that the admin that is the owner of the application should also have an application with some of the best and unique features so that they can create a successful taxi app clone for their business.

Given below are the five admin features that the owner of the taxi booking application should have in their application so that they can stay ahead in the race and build a successful taxi app script for their on-demand transportation service industry.

taxi booking application

5 Essential Admin Features to be Present in Taxi Booking Application of Owner

God’s Eye View

An essential admin feature, the God’s Eye View is a feature you should have in your taxi booking app so that you can locate where you have maximum users in need of your taxi booking application and take advantage of the same.

Instant Chat Support with App Developer

For an application owner, it becomes a matter of worry when their application suddenly dysfunctions. However, if you get instant chat support with the app developer, you can be assured that you will get support when you need it.

View and Manage Registered Customers and Drivers

For the application owner, another essential feature is keeping track of the activities of all the registered customers and drivers so as to find the areas that would help them get the maximum profits when their taxi booking app is used along with the different ways users use your taxi app like uber and how drivers are performing.

Register New Drivers and Taxis

An essential admin feature, the taxi booking application of the application owner should contain a feature that would allow the registration of new drivers as well as taxis.

Analytics and Reports

Finally, analytics and reports are essential for the admin of the taxi booking app to know about the performance of their business and the steps the business owner needs to implement in order to build a successful taxi booking app and on demand transportation service for themselves.

Thus, to sum up, if entrepreneurs keep these following admin features in taxi booking application, they would be successful in building a powerful and updated taxi app advantageous both for the riders as well as the drivers along with creating a successful and profitable transportation business for themselves.