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The transportation industry experienced a dramatic change with the inception of Uber taxi booking application in the year 2009. With its creation, new and budding entrepreneurs got motivated to create similar solutions. These solutions had some of the most top-notch features and services that are advantageous both for the riders as well as the drivers.

The main driver besides the driver riding the rider to their location is the owner of the ride-sharing business.

Thus, they need a solution that can assist them in delivering smooth rides to the riders.

Also, the solution requires some of the most unique features so as to create unique ride experiences always!

Below we have listed 5 admin features that should be present in the taxi booking application of the owner.

5 Must-Have Admin Features in Taxi Booking Application of Taxi Industry

God’s Eye View

An essential admin feature, the God’s Eye View is a feature you should have in your taxi booking app. With this feature, you would be successful in locating the riders in real-time and consequently deliver rides to them.

Instant Chat Support with App Developer

For an application owner, it becomes a matter of worry when their application suddenly dysfunctions. With this feature though, you would receive quick help and ensure unique ride experiences at all times.

View and Manage Registered Customers and Drivers

This is probably a very important feature to be present in your application. With this feature, you would be able to keep track of all your drivers and riders in real-time. Also, it would assist you to know about their activities, their payment methods, and so on and so forth.

Register New Drivers and Taxis

With this feature, you would be able to register new drivers and their respective taxis to your solution and consequently allow them to start delivering rides to your riders.

Analytics and Reports

This feature will help you efficiently analyze as well as keep track of the performance of your solution.

Also, it would help you examine the ways you can improve your current services so as to build a successful taxi booking app and on demand transportation service consequently.

With all these unique features, you can be assured to build a successful taxi industry for you. This industry will then go on to deliver unique ride experiences to your riders. Also, it shall promise to bring enormous revenues for you in the long run.

Thus, make sure to have these admin features in taxi booking application.

With these features, you will be successful in building a powerful and updated taxi app that will bring enormous job opportunities for your drivers, first.

Also, it shall prove to be a blessing in disguise for your riders. In other words, just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device, they would easily be able to avail of a ride.

Finally, it shall help you in creating a successful as well as profitable taxi industry for you in the long run.

So, concluding, integrate these features in your solution and start building enormous profits right from Day 1!