Popular On Demand Delivery Apps that are Creating Global Waves

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The on-demand delivery app has emerged as a highly successful and cost-efficient alternative to established courier services such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. This success is attributable to the significantly enhanced cost-effectiveness and time efficiency offered by on-demand delivery services when compared to industry giants. Moreover, these delivery services operate according to the client’s schedule, allowing customers to receive their deliveries at their preferred times, eliminating the need to conform to the standard Service Level Agreements commonly offered by traditional courier companies.

Top On Demand Delivery App that is Popularly Used by Clients

On demand delivery app are becoming popular because of their unique features which include:

  • Delivery status in real time: Ensuring that a mobile app offers real-time tracking is a key element. This not only enhances the convenience of the app but also maximizes its efficiency. The inclusion of a map feature aids us in tracking our orders in real-time.
  • Push notifications: These are akin to messages but exhibit even greater immediacy. These messages serve to inform both the Delivery Driver and the Sender about any events that transpire during the delivery process. For instance, they may include notifications such as “Parcel picked up” or “Parcel delivered,” among others.
  • Instant booking or at a later time: This feature enables parcel senders to dispatch their parcels either instantly or at a pre-scheduled time in the future. Therefore, a sender has the flexibility to send a parcel immediately or choose a specific time for its delivery in the near future.
  • Promotion and referral codes: This is an excellent strategy for enticing more users to engage with your application. By providing promotional offers and distributing referral codes, you extend special benefits to individuals who, in turn, feel privileged and are motivated to use your application.
  • Multiple payment methods i.e. cash, wallet, credit card or debit card: People desire the freedom to make choices. They appreciate having the option to select from various payment methods. This includes empowering the sender to decide whether they want to pay with a credit card, debit card, in-app wallet, or even with cash directly.
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More Features…

  • Available in the language and currency of your choice: For your app to attain global versatility, it must incorporate the provision for multiple languages and currencies. This implies that your app should be accessible in the native language and currency of the respective regions.
  • An inbuilt real-time tracking system: The capability to track the parcel’s location is an invaluable feature. It enables both the sender and the admin to maintain precise oversight, allowing them to understand the reasons behind any delays in the parcel’s delivery.
  • User rating and reviewing facility: In any service-oriented app, it is crucial to provide a rating system to assess the quality of service providers. In the case of a delivery driver app, senders should have the ability to review the experiences of previous senders with the driver. Additionally, delivery drivers should also have the option to view feedback from other drivers regarding their experiences with the sender. This two-way rating system promotes transparency and accountability within the platform.
  • A smart admin dashboard: An admin dashboard serves as the core control center of the app, akin to the central nervous system. It’s where all data processing, modifications, and overall app management take place.

Listed below we look at the top delivery apps that have been successfully launched in various parts of the world.

Last Mile

Situated in Singapore, Last Mile is an on-demand logistics delivery service specializing in providing exclusive delivery solutions to e-commerce stores. It enables online shoppers to make purchases, allows business owners to arrange their deliveries, and ensures that customers receive their shopping items at predetermined times.

Uber Rush

No on demand service apps would be complete without the presence of the master on demand app of all, UBER RUSH. Conceptualized from the Uber Taxi app, Uber rush actually works in conjunction with the Uber taxi service and meets the delivery requirements of customers. This is actually the dream match of many retailers. Uber rush provides an alternative income source to the on-demand taxi giant.


Located in the United States, this courier service operates around the clock, offering nationwide delivery services for packages of various sizes and shapes. To guarantee punctual deliveries, Postmates has established partnerships with individuals functioning as “independent contractors.”

On time 360

OnTime 360 serves as an ideal solution for courier companies, dispatching services, messengers, and freight brokers, functioning as a comprehensive courier tracking app. It empowers users to actively monitor and track the real-time progress of their deliveries.


Primarily relying on GPS-powered road navigation, this app is an excellent choice for customers seeking doorstep deliveries. It is particularly favored by retailers, food and grocery stores, as well as independent delivery professionals. Its popularity stems from its ability to ensure swift package deliveries within a short timeframe.


This app provides real-time status updates to customers sending and receiving deliveries. It is accessible on both IOS and Android platforms and boasts several noteworthy features, including instant notifications, proof of delivery, live map view, and real-time tracking.

If you are thinking of going into the on-demand delivery business you can get an app. All you need is to contact a developer and tell him what on demand delivery app you want and he will do the rest for you. Alternatively, you can get your own app according to your business idea from the developer. There are many in this field today so research and make your choice wisely. Once you have launched your app, your coffers will start filling in no time.