Popular On Demand Delivery Apps that are Creating Global Waves

The on demand delivery app has become a very successful and cost-effective alternative to the already existing courier services like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. The reason behind this is that the on-demand delivery services are so much more cost and time efficient if we juxtapose with existing giants. Not only that, these delivery services work according to client timings so clients can get their deliveries done at the time of their choice and not wait for the standard Service Level Agreement that most courier companies offer.

Top On Demand Delivery App that is Popularly Used by Clients

On demand delivery app are becoming popular because of their unique features which include:

  • On demand delivery app are becoming popular because of their unique features which include:
  • Delivery status in real time: The most significant part of having a mobile app is to make sure that it allows real time tracking. This makes a mobile app not only convenient but also absolutely efficient.
    Map feature help us to track our order in real-time.
  • Push notifications: These are like messages but more instant in their nature. These messages are the ones that apprise the Delivery Driver as well as the Sender of any even that occurs during the process of delivery. For example, “Parcel picked up”, “Parcel delivered” etc.
  • Instant booking or at a later time: This is a feature that allows the sender of parcels to send his parcels at either a prescheduled time for the future or for instant sending. So, a Sender can send a parcel right away or sometime in the near future.
  • Promotion and referral codes: This is a great way to attract more people to use your application. By offering promotional offers and giving referral codes you give certain benefits to the people who therefore feel privileged and use your application.
  • Multiple payment methods i.e. cash, wallet, credit card or debit card: Everyone wants the power of choice in their hands. They would love to have the ability to choose from different payment methods. Allow the sender to choose to pay using the credit card, debit card, in-app wallet or even directly by cash.
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More Features…

  • Available in the language and currency of your choice: In order for the app to have global versatility, it should have the option of multiple language and currency. This means that your app should be available in the local language and local currency.
  • An inbuilt real-time tracking system: Tracking the location of the parcel is an amazing feature to have. This will let the sender and the Admin keep an exact track of why it is taking as long as it’s taking to get the parcel delivered.
  • User rating and reviewing facility: In any service based app it is of utmost importance that you can see how well or how poorly the services of the service provider have been rated. This is why in an app where the delivery driver is supposed to make runs in delivery. The sender should be able to see how the experience of previous senders has been like. What’s more, the delivery drivers to should be able to tell how the experience of other drivers has been with the sender?
  • A smart admin dashboard: An admin dashboard is like the central nervous system of the app. This is where all the data is computed. All the changes made and the entire functioning of the app handled from.

Listed below we look at the top delivery apps that have been successfully launched in various parts of the world.

Last Mile

Based in Singapore, the Last Mile is an on-demand logistic delivery service offering exclusive delivery services to e-Commerce Stores. It allows shoppers to buy online, business owners to schedule their deliveries. And the customers can receive their shopping at pre-determined times.

Uber Rush

No on demand service apps would be complete without the presence of the master on demand app of all, UBER RUSH. Conceptualized from the Uber Taxi app, Uber rush actually works in conjunction with the Uber taxi service and meets the delivery requirements of customers. This is actually the dream match of many retailers. Uber rush provides an alternative income source to the on-demand taxi giant.


Based in the United States this courier service is available at all times for delivery services across the country. It delivers packages of all sizes and shapes. To ensure timely delivery, Postmates has linked up with individuals as “independent contractors”.

On time 360

OnTime 360 is the perfect solution for courier companies, dispatching services, messengers, and freight brokers as it actually is a courier tracking app. That enables the users to monitor and track the progress of their delivery in real time.


Working mainly on road navigation enabled by GPS, this app works perfectly for customers who want deliveries at their doorstep. It is an app that is favored by retailers, food and grocery stores and individual delivery professionals. It is popular because it delivers packages in a short span of time.


It is an app that gives real-time status to the customers who are sending and/or receiving deliveries. It is available for both IOS and Android platforms and has some very notable features. Such as instant notifications, proof of delivery, live map view and real-time tracking.

If you are thinking of going into the on-demand delivery business you can get an app. All you need is to contact a developer and tell him what on demand delivery app you want and he will do the rest for you. Alternatively, you can get your own app according to your business idea from the developer. There are many in this field today so research and make your choice wisely. Once you have launched your app, your coffers will start filling in no time.

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