Launched App like Uber for Couriers

There are many Uber-like clones on the market today, to use for different purposes and services.  An app that operates in the United States and Spain by the name of “Shop on your behalf”. It has raised about $10 million for further funding. In contrast to what the other similar players in the industry have raised, this company has raised $ 20 million. Shop on your behalf that also goes by the name of “Jinn” is planning to use this raised capital to expand and take on the global market. The uber for couriers app as such is already a local success and the main focus will be on educating the people in the new market on how the app works and the advantages of using Jinn. People and consumers will be made aware of the brand that is called “Jinn”.

How jinn Works

Users and consumers can order anything they require using the app. Users have the facility to browse the app and pick the items they require and place the order. The ordered items will be delivered to you. There is no worry about payments as all the payments are handled online.

Although Jinn started as a food delivery app, it is widening its horizons to cover groceries, beauty and health products. Since the introduction of grocery delivery, their sales have shot up to 15% from the previous 5%. The delivery of beauty and health products also looks very lucrative.

The Pros & Cons Of Jinn


  • Every restaurant owner wants more and more customer. They want people to approach at their restaurant in search of something new to eat. Here, Jinn amazing complete its job. As the new customers arrive, this food delivery app takes them to those restaurant menus that are newly partnered with the app. This keeps the balance of customers for each of their partnered restaurants. Also, customers can even explore more and more new restaurant’s food.
  • Many of the food delivery apps do not support their partnered restaurants. But Jinn supports every single restaurant partner. Mostly the restaurants that are new in the market have no popularity. No one knows about their presence in the market so Jinn uses his or her online marketing strategy to spread the awareness for his or her newly partnered restaurant without taking any money. Well, this much for the partnered restaurant is huge.
  • Jinn never asks the restaurant owner to send their drivers to deliver food. They hire their own drivers or you can say the deliverers who pick up the food packages from the restaurants and drops the food at the desired location. They ask the restaurant owner to concentrate on the quality of food and not to worry about the delivery.
  • The marketing power of Jinn is great. They spread their advertisement at social media that allows people to know more and more about their food delivery services. Not just themselves, the marketing strategy even helps their partnered restaurants stay strong in the market.


  • Usually, a restaurant has 3 to 4 percent commission amount and another food delivery app has 10 percent commission charge. But, in Jinn the commission price is dynamic. It usually lies between 10 percent to 40 percent which is very high. Though their services are good it is actually very expensive.
  • Restaurants that are partnered with one food delivery firm should perform better in serving their customer. Restaurants should have should have a bit of competition in between them so that they can offer better quality food. But at Jinn, the partnered restaurant does not differentiate their restaurants that leads to the loss of customers.
  • Due to a lack of quality service, the food packages are not being packed properly. Most of the time people receive opened packets of food. Now, this type of service creates a bad customer experience.

A vision of this uber for couriers clone

The idea of Jinn is to make one big online departmental store where every commodity and consumable will be available for delivery. The couriers are all self-employed, with over 5000 registered on the app and at least 1000 are active every month. Jinn is definitely heading to climb the Everest, at the rate it is expanding and coming up with new ways to attract more clientele.

Jinn is not the only uber for couriers app out there. There are thousands of them available on the market today. However, if you are thinking of getting into this venture and launching an app similar to Jinn or Postmates clone, or any other delivery app, then you need to ensure that it stands out above the already available ones. It has to offer something more and unique than what is already available in the market.

Have you got an idea to make your app just do that? Then you need to contact a well known on-demand app developer who will give you an app with such outstanding features that you will never have to look back. The first day of the launch will just be the start of a very lucrative on-demand delivery venture. Pick up that phone today and discuss you are uber for couriers app clone requirement today and start earning in just 48 hours.

Who knows you might just be the next Jinn. Instead of you reading how successful Jinn is someone somewhere in a similar position as yours will be reading how successful your app is!

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