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Numerous Uber-like clones are currently available in the market, catering to various purposes and services. One such app, operating in both the United States and Spain under the name “Shop on your behalf,” has successfully secured $10 million in additional funding. In contrast to the fundraising efforts of other similar industry players, this particular company has amassed an impressive $20 million. “Shop on your behalf,” also known as “Jinn,” intends to utilize this increased capital for global expansion. This Uber-like courier app has already achieved local success, and the primary focus will now shift to educating individuals in new markets about the app’s functionality and the benefits of using “Jinn.” The brand “Jinn” will be actively promoted to consumers, ensuring widespread awareness.

How jinn Works

Through the app, users and consumers can easily request any items they need. Users can simply browse the app, select the desired items, and place their orders. The ordered items will then be promptly delivered to their location. Online payments are seamlessly managed, eliminating any concerns about payment processing.

Although Jinn started as a food delivery app, it is widening its horizons to cover groceries, beauty and health products. Since the introduction of grocery delivery, their sales have shot up to 15% from the previous 5%. The delivery of beauty and health products also looks very lucrative.

The Pros & Cons Of Jinn


  • Every restaurant owner desires to attract a growing number of customers, seeking fresh dining experiences. In this regard, Jinn excels. As new customers arrive, this remarkable food delivery app directs them to restaurant menus that have recently joined forces with the app. This ensures a balanced flow of customers to each of their affiliated restaurants. Additionally, it enables customers to explore a wide array of culinary offerings from new restaurants.
  • While many food delivery apps may not actively support their affiliated restaurants, Jinn goes the extra mile by providing unwavering support to each and every one of its restaurant partners. Especially for those new and relatively unknown establishments in the market, Jinn employs a robust online marketing strategy to promote awareness about their presence, all without any cost to the restaurant owners. This level of support can make a significant difference for the partnered restaurants.
  • Jinn never requires restaurant owners to dispatch their own drivers for food deliveries. Instead, they employ their own dedicated drivers, often referred to as deliverers. These deliverers collect food packages from the restaurants and ensure prompt delivery to the specified destination. Jinn encourages restaurant owners to focus on maintaining the quality of their food offerings, relieving them of any concerns regarding the delivery process.
  • Jinn wields formidable marketing influence by strategically promoting their food delivery services on social media platforms. This approach not only raises awareness about their own services but also bolsters the market presence of their partnered restaurants, fortifying their position in the industry.


  • Usually, a restaurant has 3 to 4 percent commission amount and another food delivery app has 10 percent commission charge. But, in Jinn the commission price is dynamic. It usually lies between 10 percent to 40 percent which is very high. Though their services are good it is actually very expensive.
  • Restaurants that collaborate with a food delivery service should ideally strive to excel in serving their customers. Healthy competition among these restaurants can drive them to provide higher-quality food. However, with Jinn, the partnered restaurants often fail to distinguish themselves, which can result in a loss of customers.
  • Inadequate attention to quality service has resulted in poorly packaged food items, often leading to customers receiving open food packages. Such service lapses significantly contribute to negative customer experiences.

A vision of this uber for couriers clone

Jinn’s vision revolves around creating a comprehensive online department store where every conceivable commodity and consumable can be conveniently delivered. The couriers engaged with Jinn are all independent contractors, with over 5000 registered on the app, and at least 1000 actively operating every month. Given its rapid expansion and innovative approaches to attract a larger customer base, Jinn is unquestionably on a trajectory to reach remarkable heights.

Jinn is just one of many courier apps in the market today, with thousands of alternatives readily available. If you’re considering entering this industry and launching an app akin to Jinn, a Postmates clone, or any other delivery app, it’s imperative to ensure that your offering distinguishes itself from the existing competition. Your app must provide something extra and unique that sets it apart in the market.

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You might very well become the next success story, just like Jinn. Instead of reading about how successful Jinn is, someone in a situation similar to yours could be reading about the remarkable success of your app!