multi-service platform

As per the recent statistical records by Statista, revenue in the on demand service is around 3,751 million US Dollars for the year 2019 which makes the presence of the on demand services a hot topic among people living there and makes the on demand apps a hit among them at the same time. Today Malaysia has several multi-service platforms. However, one of the most popular on demand multi service platform is the GoGet App clone.

GoGet App

The GoGet App is a popular multi-service platform based in Malaysia offering over 10 on demand services to users living in Kuala Lumpur, Penang as well as Bahru.

GoGet App Clone

Services Offered by this App

  1. Dispatch Service
  2. Food/Shopping Service
  3. Flyering Service
  4. Promoter Service
  5. Event Crew Service
  6. Manning Booth Service
  7. Floor Staff Service
  8. Picker and Packer Service
  9. Bulky Item Move Service
  10. Cheque Deposit Service

The GoGet App offers its services to its users in three simple methods, namely, request the service – get a GoGetter  and pay via credit or debit card, cash or GoGet Credits.

Reasons for Popularity of Multi service platform

  • Pay Only When Help Desired
  • Super Fast Service due to its being built with latest technology
  • Reliable through its amazing tracking availability, on-the-way SMS, etc

This, in turn, makes GoGet App a big hit among most users living in Malaysia and makes it quite popular among them at the same time, help take the on demand business towards great heights and encourage many new appreneurs to build a GoGet App Clone, their very own multi-service platform.

However before one goes on to get their GoGet App Clone, they need to make sure that it has the following characteristics.

Attributes of an Ideal GoGet App Clone

  1. Native iOS and Android Driver/User/ Store/ Restaurant/ Service Provider App to Take Orders in Real Time
  2. Native Android and iOS User App to Book Orders
  3. Responsive Marketing Website to track the live users present on the app
  4. Driver/Service Provider/User/Driver/Service Provider’s Company Panel to manage their profiles
  5. Interactive Admin Panel to manage the working of the app including the payments, commissions, rates, information of service provider and client, etc, to name a few
  6. Licensed Source Code to make customizations in the app as per the changing requirements of business and customers
  7. White Labelled Solution with the brand name and logo of business present on the app
  8. Responsive to ensure that the app can work well across platforms like Android, iOS, etc

So, stimulate the success of your on demand service business and make your business a name to reckon with among your users by building your very own multi-service platform, the GoGet App Clone.