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People earlier had never entertained the idea of buying groceries online or using an app. Well, the time evolved and the pandemic drastically transformed the old habits replacing them with the new. And that’s when the On-Demand Grocery Delivery App steps in. However, with the increasing competition, it has become difficult for grocery stores to meet the consumer’s demand.  Developing Instacart Clone which is a tried and tested On-Demand Grocery Delivery App model is showing effective results.

What Exactly Is White-labeled On-Demand Grocery Delivery App?

An increasing number of startups and established entrepreneurs are being propelled by On-Demand Grocery App like Instacart. These businesses have made huge profits by developing Customized Grocery Delivery Clone App.

A White-label Grocery Delivery Solution like Instacart can immediately scale up your grocery business. Furnished with the latest version features like Store wise commission setting, Multiple deliveries, Store closed days, Re-assign the delivery driver, Voice instructions, etc. that keep you abreast of the competition. 

The team will rebrand the Instacart Clone App with your brand logo, company’s name, color themes, and customized features that you okayed while placing the order.

How does Instacart Clone On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Model operate?

The Instacart Clone App is an aggregator model that has several retail grocers, merchandisers, wholesalers, and delivery drivers serving the buyers. 

It is wise to Build An App like Instacart that doesn’t require keeping inventory. 

Let’s know how Instacart Clone App operates 

  • Once the buyer download and registers with the app, he/she can start browsing and choose from a wide variety of groceries.
  • The user can start adding the groceries and other daily essentials to the cart.
  • By making payment online via the Instacart Clone App’s secured payment gateway 
  • As soon as the order is placed, the user will get a notification from the store accepting the order
  • If the customer has chosen Self-pick up then the customer goes as per the said time to pick up the order
  • Otherwise, the assigned delivery driver picks up the order and hands over to the customer as per the delivery preference
  • Customers will leave feedback regarding order delivery and delivery driver. 

Instacart Clone App is a simple and easy-flowing work model that guarantees faster and more efficient deliveries to customers. If you are planning to build an app like Instacart, you are sure to find success in a short time. 

How Do Entrepreneurs Make Money Using Instacart Clone App?

There are several ways through which you can make money by leveraging Instacart Clone App under your brand name.

  • The Instacart-like grocery app is where the app owner will charge for the deliveries. This can be a certain rate of commission fixed by the Admin 
  • The app owner can ask for a small fee from the store owners for signing up with the app 
  • The app owner can introduce subscription fees/membership fees for leveraging premium services to the users.
  • The App Owner can run special promotions by partnering with the other brands
  • Also, the appreneur can choose to sell relevant merchandise from the app itself
  • Run in-app advertisements that increase revenue
  • This On-Demand Grocery Delivery App offers reward points to increase a loyal customer base eventually resulting in the growth of the business. 

Instacart Clone App – Business Value Proposition 

An app like Instacart has become a household name because it does not keeps its customers waiting. The app delivers the quick delivery of groceries owing to the below-mentioned value proposition:

  • Great network with the local supermarkets
  • Tie-ups with the local vendors/suppliers and wholesalers
  • Encouraging local communities to come on board and join 
  • A vast network of delivery drivers
  • Encourage part-time workers as delivery drivers
  • No warehouses
  • No shiny promises

Instacart Clone Grocery Delivery App with COVID-19 Safety Features

Social Distancing has become the new normal, and people are adopting it. To help people by easing off the stress of buying groceries and daily essentials, integrate your Grocery Delivery App with COVID19 safety features.  

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App solution has integrated with innovative features keeping in mind the safety precautions of the customers. 

Incorporate these safety features that help build your customer’s trust.

  • Contactless Delivery
  • Face mask verification
  • Self-pickup
  • Safety ratings and reviews 
  • Allows stores to show safety features to the users when they are ordering

Monetizing Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

 Just like every business, you too expect to grow your revenues and expand using On Demand Grocery Delivery App like Instacart. Here are some monetization ideas that you can implement:


For every order generated using your app, you can charge a commission. The Admin can set different percentages for every store depending on the incoming of orders offering you to earn more. 

Charging the items for more price

You can upcharge the grocery items for offering same-day deliveries or delivery in 2 hours, etc. Customers do not mind paying more if they are getting their stuff immediately. You can implement more of these as the monetization strategy is being used by almost all platforms.

Delivery charges

Charging a basic delivery fee can help you boost your revenue. This can be based on the distance traveled to deliver the groceries, minimum order delivery, etc. 

3rd Party ad banners 

Invite 3rd party ad banners to advertise on your home page screen. This will work if you have an aggregator app.  

Final Say

So, what do you think now? You’d like to develop Instacart Clone App for your grocery delivery business? Surely, the answer will be yes. 

With the pandemic, people are now switching to cooking meals themselves. Thus, they will be always placing the orders. Also, do not worry of the trend going away when the Pandemic goes. Online grocery shopping is here to stay and it is growing day by day as customers are offered personalized options.  Same-day deliveries, Doorstep deliveries, and Offering promo codes you can allure the customers to shop from your app. 

With proper research and implementation, you can build your Instacart clone by hiring a Reliable White-label Grocery Delivery App Solution.