booksy clone app

If you already have a Locally-Based Beauty & Salon Business, then, why not take it miles away? Well, Beauty Entrepreneurs can build their own 100% Customizable Hair Stylist Booking App. With a simple Appointment Booking Feature, people can save Time and Money! 

 A Gazillion Perks And Benefits Of Launching A Beauty App

Here are some Eye-Catching benefits of Launching the App and expanding your Business through simple Bookings! 

Quick Appointment Booking 

With just a few taps on the Smartphone, the App User can book a Beautician of their choice. This feature helps in reducing the Customer’s Waiting Time. 

Flexible Booking Options 

The User can select their preferred date and time. They can also cancel the booking anytime they wish to.

Access Discounts and Rewards 

Using the Referral Option on the App, the Users can invite their Friends and Family to use the App. Upon their First Service Booking, the App Admin will credit X Amount as Rewards in the App Users In-App Wallet or Bank Account!

booksy clone app


It takes only four steps to launch your very own Booking App. However, to get started, you’ll first need to look for a White-Labeling Firm with Years of Experience in the Market, plus, one that offers a fairly Cost-Effective yet excellent Quality App! 

Try their Demo Apps for Free! 

The Firm will offer you a Free Trial of their Demo Apps so that you can take a Test Drive first to understand the Functionality of the App. This will help you to take your Purchase Decision. So, use the Demo Apps for as long as you want until you feel like this is the Perfect App that you had been looking for! 

Working with the Demo Apps in the Real Environment will let you decide which components you want to customize! Take your time to decide the Customization Points of the App based on your Business Plan! 

Tell your Customization Needs

After you have done your homework and found which components your want to be tailor-made, discuss them with the Technical Project Manager. The Experts will seek information about the Server Login and Launch in a Single Document. Once you’ve given them the Information, the Expert will prepare a Scope Document including everything they’ll provide you in your Booksy Clone App Package! 

After required details are exchanged, the App Developers will start working on your App and within 7 – 10 Business Days, they’ll provide you with the Demo Apps. These Demo Apps will be uploaded on the App Development Server so that you can check and review them. 

Your App will be Launched Soon Enough 

Once you’ve Approved the iOS and Android Apps, the White-Labeling Experts will go ahead and launch the App. They’ll launch the Hair Stylist Booking App on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei Store only if you want them to! 

The Firm will help you every step of the way by offering you 100% Support in case your App gets Rejected by the App Store because of a Technical Issue. 

All Year Round Sales Support 

The White-Labeling Firm offers 1 Year Support for Bugs that may appear in the Source Code. However, they’ll not, as all the Bugs that have shown up in the Past are already fixed! 


The need for On-Demand Beauticians is increasing. After the Pandemic, people have become more stringent about how they choose the service they need. In simpler words, Booksy Clone App is rapidly expanding its usability capturing a chunky amount of percentage in the Market. Hence, Ambitious Entrepreneurs, it is time that you launch your own App and start dominating the On-Demand Beauty and Salon Services.  

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