gojek clone app

The world today is not the same as it use to be. Business, its approach towards customers and the pattern of usage and consumption of any service or product has undergone major changes in the last decade. Of course smartphones and mobile devices are largely responsible for this shift in user behavior and patterns. But entrepreneurs have welcomed this change with open arms. This is why a business like Gojek could survive this market. A good entrepreneur is not one who can capitalize on everything that is happening in the current market. But one who has the ability to look ahead and see what is the expected future. Gojek Clone plan wisely and start at a time when the need for such an app was just being discovered. 

People probably did not even anticipate the fullness or the complete possibility that this app could present them with. However, with time, Gojek was able to almost build a need within the clients for the services that they started offering.

In saying that, it is evident that the Gojek company has already become quite popular in Indonesia and for you to stand as a competitor against it. There is a little hard work need But don’t lose hope. There are enough people in this world who need more services than Gojek can offer and so. It will be a great idea for you to launch in time.

Starting off with Gojek clone App in Indonesia

First of all there are two things here that need your attention:

  1. Getting a Gojek Clone
  2. Starting in Indonesia

Let’s treat both these aspects individually.

Getting a Gojek Clone

Please understand that when it comes to building and deploying apps, it is a very time consuming process. Things aren’t as easy as most mobile app development companies would like you to believe. Not only is it a lot more expensive for you to build an app from scratch, it is also a whole lot more time consuming.

gojek clone

An app of this magnitude has a lot of complex and advanced features in it which take time and precession to build. So, while the world is trying to convince you to build a custom app like Gojek in Indonesia, make sure you check your pocket and your timeline.

Starting in Indonesia

There is something in the market known as customer training. This means when you bring a new system in place, it takes time for people to get trained in using it. They see it, analyze it, prepare it and then finally start getting use to it. 

Once that happens it is very difficult to reinvent the wheel and get the user to like something else. This is why you must definitely go for a location where the people are already exposed to a system such as the Gojek app. Now, imagine you launch your own Gojek clone in Indonesia with a whole lot of offers and discounts, people will definitely use your app instead of the Gojek one.

This is because they are familiar with the concept of the app and how to use it. They are also getting many benefits in terms of promotions and discounts, so they automatically get tempted to use yours. You don’t have to even worry about customer training with your Gojek because people already know how to use it!