Gojek Clone – What Makes On-Demand Multi-service App First Choice Of Entrepreneurs

Gojek Clone AppGojek Clone App

Gojek has become a household brand that everyone prefers to use to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. It offers a one-stop solution under a single application. However, the app provides all types of On-Demand Deliveries, Professional Services, and Taxi-booking Services. If you are business owners or startups and want to generate more revenue, Gojek clone app development is a great idea. Check out this blog post, why Gojek Clone App Development makes a great choice amongst entrepreneurs.

Impact Of Gojek App 

Gojek when launched in Indonesia the response was extremely positive. Gojek Application had a huge influence on the economy of Indonesia. There was a significant rise in the GDP to a considerable extent. Hence, it positively impacted the local communities, by offering a decent monthly income by sign-up as Delivery drivers, Helpers, Service providers, etc.

With the flourishing business, Gojek is on the spree of expansion, covering Southeast Asian Countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, and Malaysia. 

This itself answer that a super app like Gojek is a viable option for startups and entrepreneurs. Thus, it has encouraged a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs also in Western countries to develop an app like Gojek

Why Choosing Gojek Clone App Can Be A Great Choice?

GoJek Clone App enables you to integrate 70+ On-Demand Service offerings under single application. The Multi-service app has a customer inclined approach that automates the business operations. Thus generating profits from multiple sources 

Gojek Clone App incorporates 70+ services that your business needs, transforming into a complete on-demand service providers. The Clone Script solution empowers your on-demand business that fulfils your users demand efficiently. While delivering excellent services, it offers flawless navigation, easy and quick authentication with improved user experience. The app comes with dynamic dashboard that gives a complete controle over the business operations. 

Gojek Clone Script Solution – Best Option For Entrepreneurs

Customers love shopping and placing orders using Gojek Clone App. Thus the app all-in-one app supports their demands and gets them delivered on time, sometimes on the same day. 

Serving your customers using an app like Gojek gives your business a desired business boost. Now, that the competition is becoming stiff building an app like Gojek can give your business a desired boost. Additionally, it earns your brand a reputation of offering multitude of the services resulting in the significant profits in the tough times like the pandemic. 

Gojek Clone New Features To Incorporate

Restricted passenger limit

As per the recent government COVID19 policies, the driver can restrict the passengers’ seating in the taxi.

Face mask verification

The driver uploads a selfie with a face mask as verification in the app ensuring that he/she is following the safety rules

Safety checklist

The checklist ensures the driver and the rider both have practiced the COVID19 safety measures while riding the trip.

Safety ratings and reviews

The rider is asked to provide the safety ratings and feedback after the trip ends.

Ride cancellation

Both the driver, as well as the rider, can cancel the ride if they find either of them not following COVID19 safety measures.

Taxi fare calculations 

It allows to calculate the fare – either the rider pays the fare of the road he/she has traveled or pays the estimated fare.

Apply toll cost manually

The feature allows the driver to add the toll cost manually to the invoice when the trip ends.

Store/Restaurant wise commission

The admin can modify the commission rates for every restaurants/stores depending on the inflow of the orders.

Item name searching

The feature provides a quick search of the item name/store names/restaurant names in their proximity. 

18+ age confirmation

The user has to upload an 18+ age proof when placing the order if he/she is ordering/buying liquor or relevant stuff.

Order cancellation option for delivery drivers

The driver can cancel the orders if they are unable to make a deliveries due to unfavourable circumstances.

Restaurants to upload kitchen pictures

The restaurant owners can upload the kitchen pictures offering the highlights of their kitchen showing their safety measures.

OTP verification to start the task

The user has provides OTP to the driver/handyman service/service professional before starting the trip/task.

Voice instruction for the delivery drivers

The user can put a voice message regarding delivering the packages

Graphical status of the ordered / ride status

The feature offers the real-time status of the orders/services/ride to the user in a graphical icon mode via in-app notifications.

In Conclusion

In this digital world, taking business online has become a mandatory. Hence, offering an application like a Gojek is an ideal for the business to get establish. 

To generate huge revenues, and earning a growing cash flow from the multiple services, Gojek Clone App Development is the right choice. Therefore, developing an app like Gojek clone will come with several benefits over developing an app from scratch. Thus embracing the possibility of the Clone Script Solutions is going to be the future of the market.