We don’t claim the best service, we provide the best service: hailer app clone

E-hailing services solution

Hailer clone app is a mobile phone application that allows the users to connect with the riders with few simple taps on their phone. The hailer platform provides the riders with a 100% responsive and safe rides and it is also the best solution to cover the distance from one place to another in the market of South-Africa. As a taxi-e hailing service provider, Hailer clone app offers the best possible experience to the users and a handsome amount of earnings for the drivers. This e-hailing solution is by South-Africans for the citizens of South-Africans.

hailer app clone

Process of Driver Registration

There is a simple process to register ourselves as a driver. Let’s have a check on the steps-

  • Online registration:
    Online registration is easy to make by providing the Name, phone number, email address, and all the necessary information.
  • Submitting the documents:
    One can directly upload the documents on the website of the company or can mail it to the email address of the company. The documents that are necessary Bank details, residential proof, Identity document, Car registration details, etc.
  • Identification:
    Here any identity proof works. It can be a passport or any other document. Indemnity form also require the sign of the person. The report of all this is available only after 24 hours.
  • Approval: Approval will be the last step where the person will be issued with a certificate that contains the details about how the application works.


There are mainly three categories of cars that customers can hail.

High class: This category of car is quite expensive and is also said as the service which is at the top of the range. It includes cars like BMW 3,4& 5 series, Hyundai Sonata, Audi A4, A5 and Q series, etc.

Economy Class: Economy class cars are less expensive if we compare it with the High-class category. This category is also known as the medium category of the service. This class includes cars like Chevrolet Aveo, Optra, Cruze, Corolla, VW-Jetta, Polo. Uzuki Swift, Mazda 3,5, Hyundai Accent.

Hailer SUV: If you have to travel for a long distance with your friends then SUVs are the best option. Hailer clone app allows you to hail an SUV in a pocket-friendly price without the involvement of any kind of complications. You can have unlimited fun with your friends, in our SUVs. This category provides cars like Toyota Fortuner, Dodge Calibre, Kia Sportage, Jeep Cherokee, etc.

If you want to start your own business and want to earn unbelievable profit then you should try going with hailer app clone for e-hailing solution which is trustable and credible in the market.