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With the changing technology and advanced mobile apps launched nowadays which provides almost all the important services with the few simple taps on our phone have changed the real meaning of the market. It is very easy for us to book any service does not matter what the time is and where we are. We just need to select the type of service that we want to enjoy and confirm the service, and within a few minutes, it will be available to our doorstep.

In the older days, it was quite difficult to hire or book a cab as we need to go out of the house look for the taxi and then request the driver to drop us to our desired location. But with the changing scenario, everything changed, the number of applications is developed which provides us with a high-class taxi service without any hassle and that too instantly. On such app is Cab Guru clone app.

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Cab guru clone app

Cab guru clone app is changing the real meaning of businesses which run their own transport management systems by achieving seamless effectiveness and by saving money and time.

The app is UK based leading ground transport operators. The company is consistently investing to improve their next generation technology and infrastructure to provide its customers with innovative and reliable business solutions.

Fantastic Customer service support

  • The customer care support service is always available for the customer. Whether its day or night, Saturdays or Sundays, the company is always ready to help their customers in an efficient manner.
  • If the customer has any query which is not very urgent then he/she can go with the e-mail option to resolve the query. The company also responds to the emails of the customers and also answer the FAQs.
  • The dedicated account manager of the customer will look after them at every step of the way.

Availability of Cab Guru clone app

  • More than 12,000 cars in London and 25,000 in the UK are available
  • There are more than 100 locations all over the UK where this fantastic service is provided by the application
  • An average of 8 minutes of Electronic Travel Authorization in the app
  • There are more than 1.5 million quotes processed.


  • Hybrid/Electric vehicles and CO2 emission reporting is also available
  • Customized analytics developed for business in mind

Special attributes of Cab Guru clone app

  • You can trace and track you all the employees right from your office.
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • Regulated and licensed drivers.

How to use Cab Guru clone app

It is very simple to use this amazing app. One has to first complete the registration work by providing their phone number, email address or any social media platform and then choose the service that they want to avail and within few minutes, the drive will reach your place.

If you have prepared your mind to start your own business and boom the competitive market and earn handsome amount of profit then you should go with Cab guru clone app which is trustable and holds strong positive goodwill in the industry.