Enjoy high-class rides with low-class fare: Uber clone

With the advancement in technology, hiring a taxi is very easy nowadays. You just need to have a few simple taps on your phone and classy taxi service will be provided at your doorstep. There are various taxi services available in the market today but, Uber clone software module of a taxi is the most successful one. From safety to timely delivery of the service, everything is considered here.

Almost all the Uber app clone drivers of Uber app clone are knowledgeable about the traffic situations and the routes of the city which helps them to make their passengers reach their destination without wasting their time.


Some special features of the Uber clone software is as follows

Easy login and Registration

To avail the facility of an amazing taxi service, users first have to make their registration on the app by providing their contact number, any social-media login or their email address after which they can enjoy astonishing service of the taxi.

Tracking feature

Users can track their driver where they have reached and how much time it will take to reach the pick-up location. 


SOS button

Safety is another an important point of which the company takes care. There is an SOS button integrated into the app which the users can use during the time of emergency. After clicking on this button, the location of the taxi is automatically shared with the favourite contacts of the user and the nearest police stations.

Estimated fare

The riders can easily get to know about their estimated fare to reach their destination. This information is displayed on their screen before the starting of the trip.

Professional and safe drivers

 The drivers of Uber app clone are pure professionals as they are provided with a certain set of training sessions before they are hired. They are also authenticated on the basis of their criminal background checks and drug tests just to know whether they have any criminal records or they are under the influence of any kind of drugs or not.

Different stops

This is a very latest feature offered by Uber app clone to their customers. This feature permits the users to add different stops in between the journey followed by their destination.

Favourite driver option

There is an option in the app to make a list of your favourite drivers. If there is a driver who treats you very well and you want to add him to your favourite list, just do it. For the next time, if you are booking a taxi and if your favourite driver will be available in your area then the trip will be automatically allocated to him.

End of the day trip, Made for drivers

This unique feature is specially designed for the drivers. This option allows the driver to decide the trip according to their choice. This option helps the drivers to take the benefit of the trip while going to your home.

Starting a business in today’s modern era is not a tough job but making it successful is quite tough due to the over-heating market of competition. If you have a plan to start a taxi business which can really boom the market then going with Uber clone software is the best choice.

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