taxi android app

There are lots of on-demand taxi apps in the market, and they keep getting better. Some are for taxi owners who have their cars, while others are for businesses that don’t own taxis. Some even work based on what customers need. No matter what they do, these apps use on-demand technology like Uber to work well. One app that’s really popular in the on-demand taxi world is the Uber Android app clone.

This is a fantastic taxi app that’s definitely one of the best out there. Nowadays, people want things right away. They want to order something and have it arrive in front of them instantly.

Different Services Included in Android App Uber Clone

Let us look at some of the features that every Uber Android app clone should have to make it function in a superior capacity than other similar apps.

Location Tracking

The Uber Android app clone should be able to find a nearby driver right away. Once a driver is found and confirmed, the ride starts. Riders don’t have to worry about when their taxi will arrive because they can track its location all the time.

Easy Registration

This is an essential part of taxi apps. Many companies forget that the main reason for using an Uber Android app clone is to make your life easier. You don’t want to make it more complicated by completing the registration process difficult.

Non-intrusive Apps

When you want users or drivers to give their information to make the app work well, you need to be careful not to ask too many personal questions. Even as technology advances, people don’t like it when others ask too much about them, especially in a taxi booking app like Uber’s Android app clone. So, make sure you only ask necessary questions. The information you request on the app should be related to booking rides.


While tracking on the map is excellent, having voice-guided navigation is like the icing on the cake. The thing is, you can’t expect someone to keep staring at a screen or map while driving. So, a little voice guidance is a beneficial solution in these situations.

Invoice Generation

Many times, when you use a private cab, they don’t give you a receipt. If people are on a business trip, they might need receipts to get reimbursed. This can make your app and taxi service not very useful. You want to be sure you can grow your business by getting lots of users. If more people can use your services, you’ll make more money and grow even more.

Ride Rejection

You can’t make a driver take a ride they don’t want. That’s why your app should definitely let the driver say no to a ride if it doesn’t work for them. For example, if a driver has to travel for 15 minutes to pick up a rider who only needs a 5-minute ride, it might not make sense for the driver. So, they should be able to say no to the ride.


If a driver turns down a ride, the app should keep trying to find another driver for the rider. It should keep sending the request until a driver says yes. This is good for both the driver and the rider. The rider knows they’ll eventually get a ride, and the driver doesn’t have to take rides they don’t want.

Fare Estimation

Most taxis used to have a meter that calculated the fare. But now, there’s an intelligent system that does away with that old meter. When you book a ride, it tells you how much the ride will cost, so you don’t get surprised by the fare later on.

Traffic Data Integration

Drivers can pick the best route to reach their destination on time, and they can avoid things like accidents or road construction.

An Evaluation System

Both the driver and the rider can learn about each other. They can also rate and review each other to create a database about the quality of passengers and drivers.

Focus on the Driver

Since there are many taxi apps for Android, drivers compete with each other. To provide the best rides, you should make sure you have the best drivers.

Now that you have an idea of what your Taxi android app clone should have, isn’t it time that you have a serious thought of getting into the taxi business? The time is right, and the future is bright. Invest in the app and start a company that will make you prosperous in a very short time.