Advanced Features of the Uber Android App Clone

The app market today is flooded with hundreds of on-demand taxi apps available, each better than the previous one. They develop every day to outbid the best. Some apps work for taxi firm owners who have their own taxis. Others work for taxi businesses which have none. Then there are others that work on client demand types. Whatever area they address, these apps use on demand technology like Uber to function properly. One app that has taken the on-demand taxi world by a storm is the Uber Android app clone.

It is one extraordinary taxi app that is without a doubt one of the best in the market. People today want things instantly. They want to be able to order something and get it in front of them immediately.

uber android app clone

Let us look at some of the features that every Uber Android app clone should have to make it function in a superior capacity than other similar apps.

Location Tracking

The uber android app clone should have the facility to track the local area and search for a driver immediately. As soon as a driver is located and confirmed, the journey begins. Riders no longer have to wonder if and when their taxi will turn up as they can also track its location at all times.

Easy Registration

This is one very important aspect of taxi apps. A lot of companies fail to understand that the whole purpose of using an uber android app clone is to make sure that your life gets easier. You don’t want to overly complicate it by messing around with the process of registration.

Non-intrusive Apps

When you require for a user or a driver to provide their information in order to make it a successful app with a clear profile, you have to make sure that you don’t seem too intrusive. No matter how advanced we get we will never be comfortable with the idea of someone asking too many questions or seeking too much information from us about anything. Least of all, a taxi booking uber android app clone. So, make sure that you ask only pertinent questions. Whatever information you ask on the app for the profile has to be relevant to the process of booking rides.


Although the tracking on the map is an excellent feature, if you can provide voice-guided navigation, it will quite honestly, be a cherry on the cake. See, the basic fact is that you can’t expect someone to continuously monitor and look at a screen or a map while driving. A little voice guided heads up is an excellent solution in such situations.

Invoice Generation

Most of the times a private cab does not provide you with an invoice. If people are on a business tour or an official trip they might require bills in order to get reimbursed for the trip. This makes your app and taxi service completely 9ineffective. You want to be absolutely certain that you can grow your business by maximizing the user base. If more and more people can avail of your services. You will naturally end up increasing your sales and maximizing growth.

Ride Rejection

You can’t really force anyone to accept a ride. This is why your app must definitely have a feature that allows the driver to reject the ride if it does not suit them. Say for example a driver will have to drive for 15 minutes to reach a location where the rider requires to go somewhere at a distance of 5 minutes. This is not an economically viable option for the driver and hence he should have the option of rejecting the ride


In case a ride is rejected, the app should be made in such a way that the request is regenerated and offered to the next driver. The request should be kept being sent until the rider finds a driver to accept the ride. This is a feature that will be useful for both the driver as well as the rider. If the app automatically takes care of resending requests, the rider can rest assured that he will find rides and the driver can be certain that they don’t have to forcibly take on rides.

Fare Estimation

Every taxi usually has a meter that pings. Smart innovation has now done away with this cumbersome piece of equipment and has been replaced by an automated system which gives an estimate of the fare when the ride is booked, giving no unpleasant surprises to the rider.

Traffic Data Integration

Drivers have the facility to choose the best route possible to get to their destination in time, whilst avoiding road accidents or works.

An Evaluation System

Both the driver and the rider know are informed about each other. Both parties should have the option of rating and reviewing each other to develop a database about the quality of the passengers as well as the riders.

Focus on the Driver

As the market is flooded with taxi apps for Android, there is fierce competition between the drivers. Make sure you get the crème de la crème of the drivers so that you give the best riding experience for all your clients.

Now that you have an idea of what your Taxi android app clone should have, isn’t it time that you had a serious thought of getting into the taxi business? The time is right and the future is bright. Invest in the app and start a business that will make you prosperous in a very short time.

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