Technology behind the uber iPhone app clone before developing your own taxi app

The introduction of mobile applications has given new meaning to words like simple and easy. For all sorts of necessities, we turn to our handheld Bible for salvation, which in the form of your smartphone. Baby products to pizzas, we all turn to our phones and with few clicks on the app, we order whatever we needed. The latest to hit the market in this tap on the app requirement is the Uber iPhone app clone. A mobile taxi hailing app which offers a smooth and easy ride.

uber iPhone app clone

Uber iOS app clone and other similar products have become the most sought-after apps for existing ought-after start-ups. However, to build an app of such an Uber caliber, technology plays a big part.

A Centralised Server System to develop uber iPhone app clone

A sophisticated centralized server system is needed to control any taxi business. With the powerful server, you can keep tabs on all website activities as well as gauge the performance of the app and fine-tune wherever and whenever required to maximize its earning potential.

The centralized server systems also play that all-important role of real-time searching and locating vehicles within a few seconds.

Notifications of Payments

The invention of the taxi app has not made it just easy and simple. Also, very secure as far as payment is concerned.  When any rider books a taxi via the app, he will get all the payment details.

An estimated fare is calculated depending on the distance between the pickup and drop off point. The smart technology enables cashless payments via the registered payment cards, to be made hence making it easy for travelers who do not have the habit of carrying cash about.


For the effective functioning of any taxi booking app, it is important to integrate geolocation feature. The GPS facility along with Google Maps allows easy tracking of both the driver and the rider.

Google Maps aids in getting the rider to their destination in the fastest time possible by showing the driver the route to take, taking into account any road works, accidents etc.

The tracking facility in the app helps the driver to locate the passenger and vice versa. This aids the driver to find the passenger easily and the passenger is aware of the driver’s exact real-time location.

The above are the prerequisites of any taxi booking app. Of course, there are other features to consider but these three have made the taxi business efficient. Creating an app like Uber iPhone app clone caliber is no mean feat and takes a lot of time, not to forget the money. The easiest solution is, therefore, to pick one from the shelves of the hundreds of taxi software available.

Uber iPhone app clone can be customized according to your business requirements and can be launched in any country of your choice in its native language and local currency is just two days. They are also easy on the pocket and give you great value for the money you pay. Get yours today and start an Uber taxi business of your own and be as successful as it is.