Multiple On-Demand Services of Gojek Clone App

The on-demand services available on the Gojek Clone App are designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience to the customers. Every service comes with multiple features that make the performance more smooth and easy. In this blog, we will explore the different needs of customers and how on-demand multi-service apps help to fulfill them. 

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Multiple Services of Gojek-like Apps

Customers have different needs. Some may want a quick ride to their workplace while others want someone to buy medicines for them or even get their car washed.

Get a fancy haircut

Multi-service app users can easily book a haircut service from the application. They can look for a provider who has considerable experience in the field by applying the filter of “5-star rated” Moreover, the customers can use other filters as well based on price, proximity to the location, etc. 

Customers can also view the service provider’s profile on the Gojek Clone App and then base their decision on the same. After booking the service provider, the customers can also view the live location of the provider! 

Car wash services at home 

Nobody wants to drive to the car washing facility on a Sunday morning to get their four-wheeler all cleaned and tidy. So, why not call the car washing services at home? With the on-demand multi-service app, you can book car washing services at home and relax on a holiday. The app allows your customers to find nearby car washers and based on their specialty book a service. 

The experts will come to the service location equipped with tools and other cleaning materials. Moreover, the customers can rest assured that the service providers will follow every COVID-19 safety measure because before starting the service, they need to agree to the safety checklist, upload their selfies wearing a mask, and even sanitize their hands. 

Order food and groceries 

Customers can easily order food and groceries from their smartphones. Through the Gojek Clone App, customers can place an order and select contactless doorstep delivery if they want to. Based on preference, customers can choose the local supermarket or the vegetable shop where they want to purchase groceries. Similarly, they can choose the preferred restaurant to order food from. 

The driver will leave the package at the door if it’s a contactless delivery. They will click the picture of the order and upload it as proof of delivery. They will then notify the customer about the same. In short, customers can opt for doorstep delivery anytime they want to! 

Parcel delivery 

Often people wish to send parcels to local addresses. However, there is no such facility where a person can send bulky parcels of a large number of items in the area at affordable prices. Well, with the on-demand multi-service app, customers can easily send out parcels locally. 

To provide more comfort and convenience, customers get multiple features like: 

  • Restaurant with multiple toppings 
  • Multiple credit card systems 
  • Log in with face recognition and fingerprint scanning 
  • Video calling with the delivery driver 
  • Mobile number verification 
  • Voice-guided instructions for the delivery 

Other Major Services That Customers Love 

Besides the mentioned services, Gojek Clone App offers: 

  • Online video consultation 
  • Service bidding 
  • On-demand services 
  • On-demand delivery 
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner
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In Conclusion: 

To sum up the blog, there is something important you should know about the on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone App. It is affordable and quick to launch which makes it the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to make easy and quick money.

If you are one of them, start searching for a white-labeling firm!

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