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The on-demand services offered through the Gojek Clone App are meticulously crafted to offer customers the highest level of comfort and convenience. Each service is equipped with various features to enhance its efficiency and ease of use. In this blog, we will delve into the diverse customer needs and how on-demand multi-service apps play a crucial role in meeting them.

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Multiple Services of Gojek like App

Customers have varied requirements, with some seeking a swift ride to their workplace, while others may require assistance in procuring medications or even having their car cleaned.

Get a fancy haircut

Users of multi-service apps can effortlessly schedule a haircut service through the application. They have the option to search for a service provider with substantial expertise in the field by utilizing the “5-star rated” filter. Additionally, customers can utilize various other filters, such as pricing and proximity to their location, among others. 

Customers can also access the service provider’s profile within the Gojek Clone App and make their decision accordingly. Once they’ve booked the service provider, customers can even track the real-time location of the provider!

Car wash services at home 

No one wishes to spend their Sunday morning driving to a car wash facility to have their vehicle cleaned and looking neat. So, why not opt for home-based car washing services instead? Thanks to the on-demand multi-service app, you can easily book car washing services at your residence and unwind during your day off. The app enables customers to locate nearby car wash professionals and, based on their expertise, book the desired service. 

The professionals will arrive at the service location fully equipped with the necessary tools and cleaning materials. Additionally, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the service providers adhere to all COVID-19 & other hygiene safety protocols. Before commencing the service, they are required to confirm their compliance with a safety checklist, upload selfies while wearing masks, and sanitize their hands.

Order food and groceries 

Customers can effortlessly request food and groceries using their smartphones. With the Gojek Clone App, customers can initiate an order and opt for contactless doorstep delivery if desired. Depending on their preference, customers can select the local supermarket or vegetable shop for grocery shopping. Similarly, they can choose their preferred restaurant when ordering food.

For contactless delivery, the driver will leave the package at the door, capturing a photo of the order as evidence of delivery. Subsequently, they will inform the customer about the completed delivery. In essence, customers can choose doorstep delivery whenever it suits them!

Parcel delivery 

Frequently, individuals desire to dispatch packages to local addresses. Nevertheless, there isn’t a service that allows the economical sending of substantial parcels containing numerous items in the vicinity. Fortunately, with the on-demand multi-service app, customers can effortlessly send parcels locally.

To provide more comfort and convenience, customers get multiple features like: 

  • Restaurant with multiple toppings 
  • Multiple credit card systems 
  • Log in with face recognition and fingerprint scanning 
  • Video calling with the delivery driver 
  • Mobile number verification 
  • Voice-guided instructions for the delivery 

Other Major Services That Customers Love 

Besides the mentioned services, Gojek Clone App offers: 

  • Online video consultation 
  • Service bidding 
  • On-demand services 
  • On-demand delivery 
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner
multi-service app

In Conclusion: 

To sum up the blog, there is something important you should know about the on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone App. It is affordable and quick to launch which makes it the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to make easy and quick money.

If you are one of them, start searching for a white-labeling firm!