Build Your Own On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek And Rake In Billions!

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Business Owners find this a lucrative deal because of the benefits it offers to their business even during the ongoing Novel Coronavirus. Gojek Clone Super App has changed the traditional way of Shopping, Ordering Food Online, or Ride-Hailing. What else makes you want to own an On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek?

Reasons Why Multi-Service App Is Winning The Business World

Multiple Services Under One Roof

Smartphone Users hate clogging up their screens with millions of Apps for different services. Well, Gojek Clone offers On-Demand Services in a Single Application. People are seeing it as a cure for saving their smartphone’s memory space.

Cost-effective Solution for App Owners

A Clone App is a Cost-Effective Solution for App Owners as they don’t have to spend bundles of dollars to register Service Providers. Also, now they don’t have to invest in buying or creating different Apps for each of the services like Food/Grocery Delivery, Taxi/Moto Ride, Lawyer, Appointment with a Doctor, Scheduling a Masseuse Session, Booking for a Plumber, and so on because that is exactly what these Apps offer.

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Multiple Payment Options To Collect Revenue

As different Service Apps were curated for varied sets of customers, it had to integrate specific Payment Gateways. However, with the evolution of Technology-Enabled Powerful Gojek like App, the App Owners now have the freedom to add multiple Payment options like Card Transactions, In-App Wallets, Coupon Payments, and so on.

Gojek Clone provides a multitude of functionalities, Features, and Services that an On-Demand Multi-Service App offers.

We know what a Gojek Clone App is, let’s now proceed towards answering the question “How to build your own On-Demand Multi-Service App and rake in Billions?”

As an Entrepreneur with an idea to start a Taxi Booking Business, you have two options:

  1. Buy a Pre-Built, Fully-Featured Gojek like Clone App from a Well-Established White-Label Firm with years of experience in launching such Apps.
  2. Building your own Clone App from scratch by hiring Professional Developers and a Team of Managers.

Option 1: Purchase a Ready-Made On-Demand Application

To fulfill the instant demand of entering into the On-Demand Service Industry simply buy a Pre-Built App from an Experienced and Licensed White-Labelled Firm like gojek clone. Entrepreneurs only need to pick the features they want, App like gojek will customize it and launch the App within 7 – 10 Days.

You will happen to earn big bundles of cash since Day 1 of the Application launch. Your App will be launched with some exceptional, Unique Selling Points like Cheaper Taxi Rides, Rentals and Pool, hiring a reliable personal shopper to run errand for your customer, Courier delivery, On-Demand Car-Wash Services, and many more. If you purchase SuperApp, you will get technologically advanced and feature-rich advantages under our Package. Once you purchase the Package, you will be redirected to the rebranding or White-Labelling stage of your company. Trust this part, your company will get the best make-over!

Wait! There is something more interesting than just the features and functionalities of the App – it’s the duration in which we deliver your App. App development company hardly takes 7-10 Days to launch the Pre-Built On Demand Service Provider App.

Option 2: Build Gojek Clone App On your Own From Scratch

Budding Entrepreneurs are confident enough that they will be able to design, debug and launch the App on their own. However, when it comes to developing On-Demand Services such as Taxi Booking, Medicine Delivery, Parcel Delivery, etc., things start to get complicated. Building an All-In-One Service Application means you cannot restrict yourself to only one service.

In such a case, you need to brace yourself, arrange some financial support, and start hiring manpower such as:

  • Android Developers
  • iOS Developers
  • PHP Experts
  • Systems Analysts
  • Database Analysts
  • Content Writers
  • Quality Assessment Expert, and
  • Project Manager

Hiring Experienced And Talented people means you got to financially support them by paying salaries, providing incentives, contributing to their Insurance or Provident Fund, so on and so forth. Additionally, you need to invest in Infrastructure too, and yes! This will absolutely cost you over a Million.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. The Entrepreneur has to wait for at least 7 – 8 years before they could launch the App in the Market. The timeline seems unreal, but since you are building it from scratch, things will take time to perfect out.

Does this sound feasible to you? Or does buying a Licensed White-Label On-Demand App seem easy?


If you are dreaming of building your own On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek to become the first Billionaire of your family, then there is only one possible solution – buy a Pre-Built App from a Globally Reputed White-Label Firm like Gojek clone app.

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