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You might have heard of on-demand services that are cropping up all over the place.  They’re services that you can use whenever you want, so long as you have your smartphone handy. But start-ups are coming up with new ideas for on-demand services every day. One idea is a meal-kit delivery service where people can order kits online and have them delivered to their house, complete with all the prepped ingredients they need to make a meal.

1. Taxi app

Uber has cemented its position as the leader in on-demand services. You can use it to get a ride or to create your own taxi business by working with Uber. The best part is that you set your own hours and decide when you want to work.

A taxi app would be a popular choice for people that live in or visit large cities. Uber and Lyft are two models people might copy.

on demand services

2. Food delivery app

The newest trend in the on demand app development is food delivery. Food delivery apps make it easier for people to order and pay for their takeout food and have it delivered to them. The app will list the available take out restaurants and allow you to order food from your favourite restaurant without having to take time off of work or pay for a taxi.

3. Meal-kit delivery app

For this app, I’m imagining a service that would send you ingredients for healthy meals, with detailed instructions on how to prepare the food. You could then cook it at home or order out and enjoy a healthier diet.

4. Beauty salon on demand

If you’re a professional stylist or esthetician, this idea is for you. Established companies like DIY Home Services, for example, allow contractors to bid on jobs from homeowners. It’s a good idea to submit a portfolio of your work as well as an explanation of why you think you’ll be a great addition to their team.

5. Massage on demand

There are many benefits to having on-demand massages. First, it opens up the opportunity for people who may not be able to otherwise afford quality massage to receive one. It also allows for convenience which is a bonus in an age where everyone’s busy.

6. Handyman service

This is an on-demand service that will help homeowners with any kind of household upkeep. This includes anything from fixing the toilet to unblocking a drain. The start-up costs are low and could be run from a home office.

7. Towing on demand

Towing on demand service is a car service that offers towing for cars. This is an app-based service, with most services being available 24/7 with customer support. The drivers are usually mechanics who have towed before, and they handle the tows quickly and professionally.

8. Grocery delivery service

Because of the success of Amazon Fresh, many grocery chains have gone online to provide home delivery service. There are lots of start-ups that offer groceries to your doorstep.

9. Medicine delivery on demand

A company that provides on-demand medicine delivery to your home could be a promising business venture. There are over 100 million prescriptions filled each year in the US. This service would make it convenient for people who want their prescriptions without having to go out of their way to get them.