Start your Own Taxi App business in Mexico!

If you were to take a peek into the taxi industry in Mexico with a view to launching a business you will realize that taxis are a common means of transportation here.  Starting from radio taxis to smart taxi apps like the taxi app uber clone the taxi industry is thriving here. This beautiful Spanish speaking country has a lot of money to offer if you know which business is right.

If you actually look closer in the taxi industry, you will realize that even though smart technology is being used everywhere, there are still many taxi firms that are using radios in their business. Needless to say, these will soon become extinct as people will look for smarter ways of commuting from one place to another. This is where you come with your taxi app uber clone and sell the concept of smart cab-ing to the taxi firms that are still using radio technology.

There are some very reliable radio taxi firms that are available 24/7, namely:

  • Radio Maxi Seguridad
  • Taxi-Mex
  • Taxis Radio Union
  • Sitio Parque Mexico

Then there are the on demand app-base taxi firms that are currently operational, namely,

On-demand app-based taxi service is the one that is highly trending all around the world. Whether it’s about setting up a start-up business or being a rider who is traveling from one place to another, an app-based taxi business is accepted by everyone. In an on demand taxi service, a customer books his or her ride through an app.

Customer directly fills his or her destination point and can choose their desired ride within the app only. Also, the fare can be paid via the same app only. Payment can be paid through cash or can be done through online payment mediums using a credit card, debit card or net banking. Here are some of the biggest names in on demand taxi service app:

  • Uber
  • Taxi
  • Easy Taxi
  • Cabify

Taxi apps become popular since introduced in 2015, for the following reasons:

  • Most people, especially the vulnerable and women feel safe whilst traveling with a driver who has clear identification and is working with a reputed firm.
  • There are no issues with short-changing and loose cash as payment is automatically and done in the app through the rider’s e-wallet, credit or debit card. Payment gateways are ways much secure for an online payment method.
  • Before the taxi is booked the rate of the ride is calculated and displayed. With this feature, the rider can decide whether he/she can afford the fare or not. It also gives a trusted sign of the fair deal. No negotiation, clear cut-price are fixed depending on the distance that a rider covers.
  • Using a GPS system, the drivers can locate their pick up point and navigate through the traffic using the quickest route. Yes, a GPS has given many advantages not only to the drivers but also the riders too. As similar as the driver, a rider can also locate his or her ride after booking. Can track all the way until the whole trip is not finished. This gives the customer a feeling of the secure ride.

Radio-Based Taxi Companies

As an entrepreneur, you have two options in this industry. You can either convert the radio-based taxis so that they start using smart technology or you can start your own taxi firm. Either way, you will need an app developed so that you get the best returns for your business.

If you are thinking of converting the existing radio taxi companies to use smart technology then all you need to do is get a ready app and resell it to these firms after customizing it and white labeling it according to their requirements. The developer who you get it from will usually do it for you so what you get is a ready product. Add your profits and sell it up ahead. Quick and easy money earned with no effort whatsoever.

Start your own Taxi app Uber Clone

Alternatively, you can start your own taxi business and get an app to customize to your business specifications. All you need to do get a taxi app uber clone in Mexico customized to your specifications. Customization can include anything like changing the language to Spanish and the currency of payment to Mexican peso. This particular customization is usually free of cost. Also, the payment extensions can be embedded that more popular in Mexico. It can be more convenient for native people to pay money through online methods.

However, you may need to pay extra for any other customization you require, depending on what your requirement is. If this is your chosen path then you get a commission for every taxi ride that is book through your app and in a country like Mexico, you will never need to look back. The Taxi industry is one of the most profitable business ventures here. Make the all-important decision today and start earning from tomorrow!

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