Taxi Service

Uber continues to amaze with its ongoing evolution. When it was first established with the goal of offering an on-demand taxi service app, it’s doubtful that anyone, perhaps even the company’s CEOs themselves, envisioned it would blossom into a worldwide phenomenon, a brand recognized by people of all languages and ages across the globe. Following the triumph of their taxi app, Uber expanded its reach into other on-demand services, including UBERush, UBERBoats, and UBER Moto. Eventually, they ventured into the service industry with their UBER for X app.

Just when we think that they are exhaust every on-demand concept available, UBER is making waves yet again. This time partnering with NASA to create another fabulous on-demand taxi concept – that of AIR TAXIS. The word on the grapevine is that Uber and NASA are working to develop a number of air traffic management systems.

The project has been christening ELEVATE and the first demonstration flights are expected to take off in 2020.

Flying Taxi Service App

The concept of air taxis closely resembles that of Uber’s ground-based taxis. Instead of traditional road taxis, customers will utilize their smartphones to request electric on-demand air taxis.

While the initial launch is limited to intra-city operations, there are intentions to expand the service on a significantly larger scale in both the United States and Europe.

Uber is actively pursuing vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicles that will operate at low altitudes. The company has established partnerships with manufacturers responsible for designing and constructing these aircraft. These vehicles are expected to offer enhanced safety, greater environmental friendliness compared to helicopters, and increased affordability.

Uber’s goal with this concept is to make transportation fast and affordable. Working hard with NASA and other project partners, they are hoping that the air taxi service app will be ready and launched in time for the 2018 Los Angeles Olympics.