Best Names for a House Cleaning Business

Starting a business is a big deal. There are so many things that one has to pay attention to when it comes to investing money and hoping for success. However, one major area where people don’t pay attention is the name of their business. The name is your identity. It is the single most important thing that we always ignore. It is what people are going to know you by. And not just today. The name sticks. Here are some of the coolest name suggestions for naming your House Cleaning business.

house cleaning business

How can you name it?

There are many approaches that you can take to naming your business. Here are the basic types:

What you do: If the name of your company answers this question, then there is nothing at all that you have to worry about.

What is your name: you are the founder of the business. You have the right to be the namesake of your business enterprise.

Mythology associated with cleaning: you can also name the company after any mythical creature that is associated with cleaning and organizations.

Some fantastic naming ideas

  • Rags to Riches Cleaning Service
  • House Stars Maid Service
  • Raggedy Ann’s Maid Service
  • Rain or Shine Residential Cleaning
  • Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service
  • American Maid Cleaning Service
  • Magic Rags Cleaning Service
  • The Clean Thumb Maid Service
  • Shirley Clean Maids
  • Spotless Cleaning
  • Magic Maids
  • We’ve Got Maids!
  • Sparkling Clean Maid Service
  • Cheers Cleaning Service
  • Hot Mops Cleaning Service
  • White Glove Maid Service
  • Floor to Ceiling Cleaning Service
  • Maid 2 Clean
  • Cary’s Commercial Cleaning
  • Suds Up Cleaning Service
  • Anytime 24-Hour Maids
  • The Cleaning Bee
  • Happy Maids Cleaning
  • Spring Maids Cleaning Service
  • The Glass House Cleaners
  • After You Cleaning Service
  • Many Maids Cleaning Service
  • A2Clean Maid Service
  • Kompletely Klean Maid Service
  • Your Neighborhood Cleaning Service
  • A Deeper Clean Maid Service
  • Community Cleaning
  • Gettin’ Dirty Cleaning Service
  • Peppy Cleaning Service
  • Reflections Cleaners
  • Filth Fighters Cleaning Service
  • Squeegee Clean Maid Service
  • Dust Be Gone Maid Service
  • Washed Up Cleaning Service
  • Life is Maid
  • A New View Cleaners
  • Minute Maids
  • Wall-2-Wall Cleaners
  • MagiClean Maid Service
  • Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Maid Service
  • Any Mess Cleaning Service

Take it a notch higher

Although these are some name suggestions collected from all over the internet, you will find these are most relevant to your business. In order to ensure that more and more people know about your house cleaning business, you have to take your services a notch higher.

You can’t restrict yourself to the conventional cleaning businesses if you really want to succeed. The times are changing and with time, the needs of the people are changing too. This is why you have to make sure that you are moving effectively alongside every need of the industry to stay at the top.

on demand house cleaning app

Invest in a mobile application for house cleaning business

If you are wondering how an app can help you with respect to growing your business. Apps are essentially the fastest way by which someone can book your services. This means that if your user is equipped with your mobile application, they can simply log into it, choose the kind of service that you are willing to offer and then simply a quotation of the service asked.

Based on what the user has mentioned your app will automatically match the user with a service provider from your company. A simple search of “residential cleaning services near me” can solve all your user’s problems with a click.