Advanced Features of the Uber Android App Clone

Hundreds of on-demand taxi apps available, each better than the previous one. They develop every day to outbid the best. Some apps work for taxi firm owners who have their own taxis. Others work for taxi businesses who have absolutely no taxis. Then there are others that work on client demand types. Whatever area they address, these apps use on demand technology like Uber to function properly. One app that has taken the on-demand taxi world by storm is the Uber Android app clone.

uber android app clone

It is one extraordinary taxi app that is without a doubt one of the best as concerned. Such an app of unwavering quality can build with skill and expertise.

Let us look at some of the features that every Uber Android app clone should have to make it function well and competitively with other similar apps.

  • Location Tracking

The uber android app clone should have the facility to track the local area and search for a driver immediately. As soon as a driver located and confirmed, the journey begins. Riders no longer have to wonder if and when their taxi will turn up as they can also track its location at all times.

  • Fare estimation

Every taxi usually has a meter that pings. Smart innovation has now done away with this cumbersome piece of equipment and has been replaced by an automated system which gives an estimate of the fare when the ride is booked, giving no unpleasant surprises to the rider.

  • Traffic data Integration

Drivers have the facility to choose the best route possible to get to their destination in time, whilst avoiding road accidents or works.

  • Automated Payment system

Riders are given that false sense of security in believing that the ride is not very expensive, thanks to cashless technology. The very fact that they do not have to remove money from their wallet makes them believe that they have had a bargain ride.

The automated payment is usually done via Paypal or by debit and/or credit cards.

  • An evaluation system

Both the driver and the rider know who they will be riding in the cab. It is therefore vital that a review process is in place to ensure that both have the opportunity to review the ride and each other, making way for future rides or lack of depending on the experience of each.

  • Focus on the driver

As the market is flooded with taxi apps for Android, there is fierce competition between the drivers. Make sure you get the crème de la crème of the drivers so that you give the best riding experience for all your clients.

Now that you have an idea of what your uber android app clone should have, isn’t it time that you had a serious thought of getting into the taxi business? The time is right and the future is bright. Invest in the app and start a business that will make you prosperous in a very short time.