Provide A Complete Online Food Ordering Delivery Solution To Your Customers With Caviar Clone App

caviar clone app

It’s tough to resist the craving for junk food items. People love exploring different cuisines thus, there are a lot of eateries opened offering a variety of food menus to satisfy the taste buds. However, with lives getting busier than ever, often we are running late from office thus every time dining out is not possible. And that’s when food delivery apps come in handy. 

Why Choose Caviar App As Your Food Delivery Model?

Caviar is an On Demand Food Delivery App platform offering quick delivery of food from the local restaurants nearby. Because of the well-researched data and facts you have gathered, the app is leveraging the same to make the food deliveries a personalized experience and efficient for the customers. 

The users can order food via website or app. Once the payment is confirmed the delivery is processed. Thus, offering real-time tracking the customers can know the status of their food orders and get them delivered right at the doorstep.

Looking at the success of the Caviar Food Delivery App, the business owners are interested in capitalizing by developing Caviar Clone App.

Outstanding Features Of Caviar Clone Food Delivery App Script

  • Ease in ordering 
  • List of a wide range of restaurants and bars
  • Quickly add items to the cart
  • Fast delivery 
  • Multiple payments 
  • Real-time tracking

Restaurant panel features

  • Managing menu
  • Manage orders
  • Manage payments
  • Push-notifications
  • Ease in making changes – add/modify/ remove
  • View history

Administrator panel features

  • 360 degree view of the entire business activities
  • Manage user and restaurant profiles
  • Manage pricing
  • App monetizing
  • Mass notification
  • Manage and verify documents
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Collaborate with a mobile app development company with skilled mobile app developers that can assist you in developing your dream On-Demand Food Delivery App. The app development team aims to help businesses like you, creating a Caviar Clone App built on scalable technologies. Thus, efficiently meeting the growing demands of the food delivery market. Whether you’re starting fresh in the On Demand industry or already have an established business looking to scale up your food delivery businesses, developing an app like Caviar can be a perfect choice.


Looking at the way people are opting for dining home options with their favorite meal, the On-Demand Food Delivery is not going anywhere but it is going to expand even more. Therefore, it is the right time to take the plunge by developing Caviar Clone Food Delivery App. With its excellent, user-centric features and scalable technologies, the food delivery app is going to double your revenue in a short time. 

Take the live demo test before you buy the white-label Caviar Clone app solution. Thus, this way you will know the app performance and customize the changes accordingly. Once your app is establish further you can integrate it with other delivery services like Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery. Furthermore, you can even integrate it with Deliver All app that lets you generate multiple streams of revenue.